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Today during the Ubisoft conference call where they discussed first-quarter 2021-2022 sales, Steam Deck got mentioned.

It's an interesting one, since Ubisoft has pretty much left Steam behind in favour of other stores like the Epic Games Store. The Epic store doesn't support Linux, and Epic currently have no intention to do so. So unless people are expected to manually load up Windows to replace SteamOS, companies like Ubisoft would need to bring their games back to Steam to give users a good experience.

During the conference call that we listened to today, a question was asked about the Steam Deck from one investor.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot replied to say "We're happy to see Steam Deck coming to the industry, it shows that it continues a flow of very innovative new hardware coming to the market and so we will look and see how big it becomes, but if it's big we will be able to put our games on it."

So in future if the device is a success, and plenty of people keep SteamOS 3 on it, we could see the likes of Ubisoft (and so perhaps other big publishers) ensure their games work nicely on it. Ubisoft actually already has Linux ports of some games, since they currently support Stadia (which uses Debian Linux) so it wouldn't be a huge stretch to bring those builds with some optimizations over to the Steam Deck. However, whether they decide to use native Linux builds they have direct control over, or rely on the Steam Play Proton compatibility layer we just don't know - and only time will tell on how it all goes on that.

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t3g 21 Jul
Quoting: finaldestThere is only one way to ensure that Ubi and other big publishers bring over their games and that is to support Valve and Linux by doing the following:-

Buy the Steam Deck.

I am doing my part, I have pre-registered for the top tier unit with a Q2 2022 order/delivery estimate. Cannot wait to get my hands on one. I have heard on the web that over 100k units have already been ordered. If this is true then this is an brilliant start.

Buy the Steam Deck and keep the Linux based Steam OS 3.0. There are a lot of these "tech YouTubers" who keep telling people to wipe the Steam Deck and install Windows on it. Ignore them.
In reality -- everything in the Ubisoft List WILL run on Steam Deck via Proton once the Proton AntiCheat is ready.

Or perhaps Ubisoft meant they are thinking about "supporting Proton", or doing "Native Ports" not necessarily "Proton-native Ports"
MichaelDN 21 Jul
Ubisoft, EA, Epic can all die and rot in a ditch for all I care.

They are a cancer to gaming and have killed all progressive companies, buying up small companies and churning out sequel after sequel of garbage.

Ohh look FAr CrY 5, 6, 7, 8 this one has a hang-glider! The next one has a really bad guy ohh nooo better save another $100 for the slightly different ""NeXt GeN!!!11!!"" game.

EA is rated the worst game developer and Ubisoft is not any better, their game stores have a reputation of being utter garbage and my experience with those platforms either on windows or linux is horrible! Even their support acknowledges the horrible mess that is UPlay and Origin.

The older titles that I do have from EA on steam are broken and abandoned messes, they just extract as much money then 'dump and run' players can get fucked.

While I do accept that developers just want to be paid for their works, it doesn't help them using companies like EA to publish their games, release them and force them to work on the next big game. Gaming capitalism at its finest, gotta have more graphics, more action, more mircotransactions, gotta cost more, gotta be released sooner , gotta make more money.. more more more! Except more creativity..

Anyway, I hope valve do well.
Wendigo 21 Jul
Quoting: CreakThey'll only port on platform that are already selling millions (Nintendo, PlayStation, Microsoft), they don't have the luxury to believe in something and I think this is a shame.
Exactly this. Imagine Ubisoft and other big publishers would wait until the PS6 or next gen Microsoft console sold millions before starting to publish some games for it. There would be no way for the new console to be a success.
Good thing that Valve already has the existing games that run on the Deck. A PS6 that would only run PS5 games at launch would probably have a hard time.
Hahaha no dont get too excited the steam deck runs proton correct no ubisoft are not going to develop for linux they ll make it for windows and let valve sort out the proton side so it works
AussieEevee 21 Jul
For me, the biggest problem here isn't whether or not they are on Steam... it's Ubisoft Connect. Does that program work through wine/Proton? I know i had a ton of problems with EA's Origin program when I tried to run that under Lutris. Though I do assume Valve is working to make those programs work too, as they did say you should be able to install other clients.
kokoko3k 21 Jul
Quoting: elmapulbut the issue is: people will just install windows on it.
I don't see this like an issue at all:
  • #1 Probably, Valve invested so much in Linux Gaming to sell this device.
  • #2 They expected userbase to switch operating system *and* left the device open, they also states you can switch to Windows as a selling point.

Do we have to expect Valve to not invest in linux gaming anymore because of #2?
I find it illogical, Why the things should change after the first launch?

So, let windows gamers buy the steam deck and let them install windows on it, it will be a good thing for Valve and Linux gaming too.

As for Ubisoft, Big Coorps tend not to see things in deep depth, so if Steam deck will sell enough, probably they would port their games to it, regardless for what users would install on the console.

Last edited by kokoko3k on 21 July 2021 at 9:39 am UTC
TheRiddick 21 Jul
Not a fan of Ubisoft, but they are a big player in gaming and if they release some stuff for SteamOS then thats great. Or at least make proton compatible is fine.
Tuxee 21 Jul
Quoting: michabut the issue is: people will just install windows on it.

No, they won't. Not by a tangible number. That is way too "complicated" for most users in 2021. They have a device with a pre-installed shiny working frontend and - say - 80% of their games working. For the extra 20% which might work you have to prepare boot media, drivers, put up with no frontend designed for the device and still can't be sure whether everything will run smoothly.
Hmm, the fact that they didn't mention it specifically but only in reply to a question sounds like they got caught out by the question and scrambled to come up with a PR spin: "Oh, uh, yeah, sure, we'll totally support it if it gets big enough! (And conveniently never quantify how 'big' that is.)" But maybe I'm just cynical.

Just to clarify, I don't hate Ubisoft or anything, as I'm not interested in their games and haven't played any, so if they actually do end up "bringing their games to the Steam Deck" (whatever that entails) I'll be happy for all the people who want to play them.
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