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STiAT 1 Oct
Quoting: Shmerl
Quoting: STiATVery well, I've looked it up, it's actually true, the 6800 TX is ~3.6 % faster than a 3070 Ti, and ~5 % slower than a 3080, so somewhere in between those two :D.

Plus from what I was reading about Linux gaming specifically, in some workloads Nvidia is just worse due to some of their driver deficiencies, like with vkd3d-proton especially. So I don't regret getting 6800 XT since at least currently I'm playing Cyberpunk 2077.

Very well, as I said, I'd have gone with a 6800 or 6900 anyway despite any performance if there was the possible temperature side of things, since proprietary driver ... wasn't my first choice.

So the only thing I would have regretted would be - I couldn't have cooled it passively.

So I did the right choice for my usage I'd say, though, ye, I'd have preferred to use a AMD card.

Especially since most games I play don't really bother my system (except for probably Cyberpunk and KCD - KCD is interestingly very heavy on the GPU).

Last edited by STiAT on 1 October 2021 at 11:20 pm UTC
Lightkey 3 Oct
Quoting: ShmerlSome interesting details from the latest stats:

1. GPU shift from Nvidia to AMD among GOL users has been almost flat for a while, likely due to major GPU shortages and inflated prices, which makes most wait and not upgrade their GPUs.

2. Radeon RX 6900 XT has more users than RX 6800 XT and RX 6800. Probably also skewed due to shortages. Usually it's the opposite picture.

Some observations for October:
- There was a noticeable increase of 50 users, bringing the total participants up to the highest it has been since March 2020, which explains the dip in the trend graphic for the Radeon RX 5700 XT, even though the total number stayed the same.
- Arch is continuing the new upwards trend, the best result since September 2020, maybe because of SteamOS 3.0 coverage?
- The close race between GNOME and KDE has finally stopped with KDE gaining the upper hand by 3 points.
- It's the first month in years where the percentage for 32GB RAM has decreased and 16GB is increasing again. What is happening? I've had 16 GB (ECC!) in my desktop since 2010.
- AMD's CPU gains have almost come to a stop this month. Is this the end for their ambition? News at 11.
- There was even a noticeable increase in Full HD resolution while 1440p almost went flat. I feel as though all these firsts can be attributed to the relatively high amount of new participants with computers that are not as high-end as the usual suspects have, maybe curious newcomers from the Steam Deck coverage?
Anyway, why are the graphs not going further back? That has probably been answered before but even for individual months, it only has few months more available to select, so it can't be space concerns. It would be great to see the trend over several years.

Quoting: STiATTrue, but I switched to a 3070 Ti even though I prefer AMD, but since I could not get the 6800 or 6900 passively cooled by heat pipes, since they ... just get too hot not to actively cool them.

On the 3070 Ti I could opt into two active coolers which only jump on if the voltage transformers get too hot, which would be about if they get into a permanent load of > 80 % for several minutes (I decided to get two very silent coolers I don't really hear since the case is padded too, since those are just ~400RPM coolers - that's not an option for AMD either). I just was not able to do that with the AMD counterparts, they require active cooling a lot earlier and more heavily or so to say .. permanently if they get under load.

Sucks, but I think that AMD still has some work to do to catch up in that part. I'm aware that's a corner case and nobody really cares but me, but I like not actually hearing my system :D.

I totally get that, just having upgraded on Tuesday to the cirrus7 incus fanless Mini-STX PC based on the ASRock DeskMini X300 barebone. 5 kg of quietness.

I had to troubleshoot it the first two days for what turned out to be a problem with my POS USB keyboard that my old computer had no problem with and forgot about the survey because of that and missed it by just a few hours (I saw the loaded homepage with the reminder news just 20 minutes before 0:00 UTC while I was out in the boonies with no internet access). *argh*
But now I saw that my IGP model is missing from the list, so I could not have updated it in time anyway. I am surprised that nobody has used a desktop APU with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics in the last four years, talk about corner case.
I guess you will have to suffer the longest GPU model name in the list which is "Radeon HD 4250 Graphics (880G Chipset)" for another month, the last of its kind. Even back in 2010 it was the last of its kind. The last onboard desktop IGP before AMD released their first APU with Llano which already was kilometers ahead. I guess now I am doing it again, choosing the last Vega IGP to be ever released right before RDNA with DDR5 comes. But I will get a Steam Deck if it will ever be available at retail.
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