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GOG to go through some reorganization after suffering losses

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While Steam continues to do well with it being the most popular games store, it seems CD PROJEKT Group's store GOG is really starting to struggle.

CD PROJEKT recently released their latest financial results, along with a call with investors that went over how the whole business is doing. It's not all bad news for them, since they saw overall 38% more sales revenue compared to the third quarter of last year. On the GOG side though, it posted increasing losses and so it's going to be restructured.

Over the current year to date it appears GOG has seen losses of about $2.21 million, which is pretty bad considering the 1.37 million they gained during the same period last year.

They've said that GOG "should focus more on its core business activity - which means offering a handpicked selection of games with its unique DRM- free philosophy" and so there's going to be some changes to the GOG team, with some moving over instead to CD PROJEKT RED. Additionally, they've "initiated reorganization of GOG’s operations" to focus on the "core business" and they're hoping this will "improve its financial effectiveness in 2022".

It's not really surprising, when you think that Epic Games continue to desperately try and turn a profit by pulling more customers to their store and even they don't expect to turn a profit until at least 2024.

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syylk 30 Nov, 2021
I'd love a serious competitor to Steam like everyone else.

But the deal breaker is how much the hypotetical competitor wants/can/would/will pour into Linux gaming.

The day the competitor has an online store *AND* pushes Linux gaming as much as Valve is doing with Proton, I'll switch.

Not a second earlier, though.

I put my money where my mouth is. You don't support my OS, I won't support your monopoly-toppling effort. Simple as that.
Vishar 30 Nov, 2021
Quoting: kuhpunkt
Quoting: VisharFirst:
What is 'loses' for big company language / mindset etc?
IF in 2019 company earn 12.000.000 $
IF in 2020 company earn 10.000.000 $
then company 'loses' 2.000.000 $
when big company use word 'loses' they mean then earned less than they assumed

No. It means that they lost 2 million, because their income was lower than the money they spent.

I do some search and yes you are right, my mistake here to to fast write :P

Sometimes some loses are good to company yo change some policy, we will see how it will be in this case
hope that GOG will go good way for us gamers

Last edited by Vishar on 30 November 2021 at 7:43 pm UTC
Whitewolfe80 30 Nov, 2021
Quoting: LibertyPaulMSeems to me like it is exceedingly difficult for any PC game store to be profitable unless they sell Steam keys (or they are a big publisher profitable in other areas), such is the nature of Valve's stranglehold on PC gaming. I know so many linux users don't like a bad word said about Valve but their market power should concern everyone

I am not in that camp i just realised that valve was walking away with this thing years ago so many people i know refuse to buy anything if it not on steam the reason its where the bulk of there games library is i have epic games account purely for the free shit every friday i have 40 games and never spent a penny there granted cant play most of them at the moment. I probably could if i could be arsed to run some lutris scripts. But the big thing is when it comes to valve and linux its hard to argue what would be linux gaming if not for them.
They fund and continue to find codeweavers they exclusively fund the dxvk team they have a team of linux programmers that work on getting big titles to almost parity with windows day and date for some titles like Rage 2 when it dropped they gave massive funding to Mesa team to develop driver support for graphics drivers in linux. Now all of this is of course self serving they want a platform that microsoft cant interfear with should relations sour and they have it now. They also have taken a culmination of all the work on proton and dxvk and poured into a handheld and amd apu that is going to sell out the moment it is avilable.

Heres the main question though what do you do and where do you go if you want to game but dont want steam what are your options gog do about what a 10th of the linux versions they used to, Feral are moving on to switch on mobile because of proton the demand for native has pretty much slowed to a trickle, Itch io bless them they try hard and there are some great games on there. That said there is also a lot well and dont want to insult anyones dream project here so i ll say games that i zero interest in.Epic dont want to support linux though randomly are trying to sell unreal engine and easy cheat to linux users and at the same time taking the weasel approach and making it optional.

So when it comes to gaming other that the real indie darlings like shovel knight type level game and most ofthe paradox games if you wanna game on linux it leaves you with wine (which is still partially valve) or steam of if you are one of those people that say triple a is dead and you love quirky sprite games i guess itch io is your go to but for most gaming on linux begins and ends with valve.
Whitewolfe80 30 Nov, 2021
Does look like the shine is starting to come of cd project red and gog its selection of games is scattered very scattered and the excuse used for no linux version is normally we couldnt get permission for a linux version the fuck its not like your capable/willing to give technical support on it and to be honest on linux we re kind of used to that
Koopacabras 30 Nov, 2021
FAILED promises epic fail on Cyberpunk... sorry no steam fault but your own.
Purple Library Guy 30 Nov, 2021
Quoting: The_AquabatFAILED promises epic fail on Cyberpunk... sorry no steam fault but your own.
Thing is this is off topic. CD PROJEKT is in general doing fine; the article says right there "they saw overall 38% more sales revenue". It's GOG specifically that's losing money, not the game studio side. So whether Cyberpunk sucks or not, it doesn't matter to this article.
Arcadius-8606 30 Nov, 2021
I really like GOG for many years but when they created that launcher it was a really bad move, IMO. The lack of transparency regarding linux native titles of online features is just too much of a turn off for me. So my money is going towards and direct to devs.
STiAT 30 Nov, 2021
Quoting: kuhpunkt
Quoting: STiATI'd like a competitor to Steam.

What would be the benefit of that?

Less costs for devs/publishers. I know AAAs usually csn easily afford that and still make millions, but indies often can't really afford it.
kuhpunkt 30 Nov, 2021
Quoting: STiAT
Quoting: kuhpunkt
Quoting: STiATI'd like a competitor to Steam.

What would be the benefit of that?

Less costs for devs/publishers. I know AAAs usually csn easily afford that and still make millions, but indies often can't really afford it.

And besides that?
Comandante Ñoñardo 30 Nov, 2021
Quoting: AcrophobicIn my case, I only buy from Steam because of the regional pricing. Without Steam's regional pricing, the cost of gaming is too expensive for me so my only choice is either to stop gaming or pirate the game (which almost impossible in Linux).

If GOG start using regional pricing then I might start buying from them. Until then, I'll keep on using Steam.

GOG indeed has regional pricing, but that depends on the publisher and the country.
Here in Argentina, some GOG games are more cheapest than in other countries.

In topic, GOG suffered a massive Cyberpunk 2077 refunds.
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