Microsoft Edge available officially for Linux today as a stable browser

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Microsoft aren't a company we exactly cover often but it seems fitting to cover it here, especially given their history with Linux. Today they're properly releasing Edge for Linux.

Their browser, now based on the open source Chromium tech, was already available on Linux for a while but this was only in their preview channels but that changes today. On their official Edge blog, they announced that Edge will be launched today via the stable channel making it generally available for Linux. This means Edge will now be supported across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux.

It feels like a pretty big occasion, although not the first official Microsoft application to actually land on Linux, it might end up being the most used since it's a web browser and so much depends on you using one nowadays. Hey, you can even play a ton of AAA games in your browser now too.

Will many traditional Linux users switch? That's not really a needed question and plenty will of course say no but having it available is important. Even though most browsers feel largely the same, having the exact same application across platforms is good so people don't need to re-learn so much and keep their accounts together for bookmarks, passwords and whatever else.

To celebrate, Microsoft added a Tux character to their little surfing game available at the "edge://surf" address in Edge.

You can download from their website or whatever package manager you use.

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Cmdr_Iras 2 Nov, 2021
The only reason I can see to using edge over any other Chromium based browser would be if it supported higher quality streaming on the likes of Netflix.
rea987 2 Nov, 2021
Only reason that I would allow it in my PC alongside with Firefox and Chromium would be to be able to watch Netflix 4K but it's still not happening on Linux. Hence, I'll pass.

Edit: Out of curiosity I downloaded and installed Edge to see whether at least 1080p Netflix streaming is available aaaaaand it couldn't play a thing on Netflix. lol Though, it's probably Netflix's end as they are quite strict with browser support, they probably block Edge on Linux due to unknown user agent.

On the other hand, I am able to stream 1080p on Firefox thanks to Netflix 1080p add-on.

Last edited by rea987 on 2 November 2021 at 4:25 pm UTC
scratchi 2 Nov, 2021
Quoting: Schattenspiegelnot popular - people are just to lazy to google chrome

I use it on my work laptop (I work at a Windows/.net/Azure shop), and to be honest, everything works just like it does in surprise since it's basically chromium with some added MS stuff on top; as far as rendering webpages, watching videos and playing games, it's just like no need to switch, at least not for work where I don't do anything personal. I do have chrome to test the occasional bug that I think I'm hitting because edge, but then I see the exact same bug in Chrome.

Would I both installing it on my linux/bsd PCs that already have firefox/chromium? No, there's no point for me. But I don't mind having the option even if i personally don't need it.
eldaking 2 Nov, 2021
Quoting: RaabenSo, we're on the second E here now.

I'll stick with non-Chrome as much as I can too.

That's very optimistic of you. We are over a decade past extinguish, they have such a strong hold on the desktop OS market that they don't even feel threatened by Linux (on the desktop) anymore.

"But it is getting better for us, and there is the Steam Deck" - not better enough to trigger a mass migration anytime soon, and the Deck is a problem only for the X-Box division.
LibertyPaulM 2 Nov, 2021
I sue Edge as my 2nd browser for the best web app support of any browser out there. Its a great browser, a far cry from those old IE6 days. Honestly I think its a better Chrome than Chrome
sudoer 2 Nov, 2021
Yeah right M$nake loves GNU/Linux and Tux is surfing awwww how lovely ... If you love Linux then port & open-source DirectX, Office, Visual Studio as a whole and not just a part of it, don't control github and don't Embrace, Extend, Extinguish again see latest incident Of course EEE is 2nd nature of M$ so they can't do that. Yeah who are we kidding right?

Just avoid M$nake like the plague (it is).

Last edited by sudoer on 2 November 2021 at 4:31 pm UTC
BielFPs 2 Nov, 2021
The only differential that this browser could have for Linux is if that includes the "internet explorer" mode to be compatible with legacy systems. Other than that it's just yet another Chromium spin...

I hope at least they're contributing with something back to the Chromium projects

Last edited by BielFPs on 2 November 2021 at 5:18 pm UTC
Nibelheim 2 Nov, 2021
Quoting: Schattenspiegel
Quoting: Liam Dawe
Quoting: BeamboomOh ffs. Do even windows users use that one? What does the browser stats say?
It's actually more popular than Firefox overall, going by multiple stats websites.
not popular - people are just to lazy competent to google chrome

Purple Library Guy 2 Nov, 2021
Purple Library Guy 2 Nov, 2021
I find the comments interesting in that there were a few years when bashing Microsoft had gone out of style, and if anyone started talking smack about M$ other people would immediately come along and say they're not so bad, they've changed, they like Linux now, they're not so dangerous now because they only dominate the desktop and it's on its way out anyway, etc etc. There was a feeling among many that being down on Microsoft was old fashioned political, GPL zealot thinking that was no longer relevant.

Lately I'm seeing a marked return to the old days of seeing Microsoft as the dangerous enemy and nasty monopolist that I personally have considered it all along. I wonder why?

Last edited by Purple Library Guy on 2 November 2021 at 5:15 pm UTC
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