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November marked 7 months of Linux rising on Steam & 5 months above 1%

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I think we can now firmly say that we are the 1%? Another month is down as so the latest Steam Hardware Survey numbers are out and it continues being very positive for Linux gaming.

As we show on our dedicated Steam Tracker, we've now seen the Linux user share on Steam remain above 1% for 5 months and we've seen 7 months of continuous growth.

Valve usually does an announcement of user numbers early each year, so hopefully in 2022 they can give us an updated monthly active user count to see where we are compared to before. Going by their last numbers, there would be approximately 1,396,640 monthly active Linux users on Steam.

We're still a while away from seeing how the Steam Deck will affect this, if at all, as it depends on how Valve will be tracking the number of SteamOS 3 devices. With their original SteamOS 2 that was for Steam Machines, it wasn't properly included as Big Picture Mode does not get the survey. This time they're redesigning the UI, so hopefully it will be included or they might just show how many people have one like they do for VR kits.

We do also know that SteamOS 3 will be released as a standalone operating system, as confirmed by Valve, so we may even see more devices and people using it.

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elmapul 2 Dec, 2021
Quoting: ZlopezIt's sad to see that most of the big companies are giving more money to marketing than actual development. I understand that you need marketing so the market is aware of the product, but the product itself should have some quality and not only good advertisement.

actually, many games are expensive to make too, i forgot to mention that about 75% of the budget is marketing, in the case of GTA5 it was 100 millions but only because at the scale they did their marketing it was impossible to put more money into it than they already put. (i mean, if some one didnt purchased the game already with their marketing than this person would not buy for any reason no matter how many ads they see)
that said, i think many companies already invest in their game as much as they can, puting more people at the project would not translate into more quality, i would just make the management more of an hell than it already is, i think the reason why a lot of games launched with tons of bugs has more to do with poor management than not puting enough money into it.
there are exceptions of course, nintendo games dont seem to be the type of game with an huge cost of production, they make simpler graphics but with a gameplay that is very polished instead of focusing on cuting edge graphics, they can invest more than they do but dont.
and gamefreak is lazy as hell, they can put a LOT more effort into their games.
i cant comment in many individual cases, i didnt played much in the last 10 years.
Sputnik_tr_02 2 Dec, 2021
Quoting: mr-victory
Quoting: Sputnik_tr_02I think it's a good time for Valve to push the Steam on Chrome Os officially.
Why do you think that ChromeOS support will help linux? ChromeOS is mostly used for education and managed by schools, which means that most users would not be able to install Steam if it was officially available. Also someone who really wants to play on a Chromebook would install Linux (or Windows) right away.

Why wouldn't it? It will be the Linux Steam client running on them.
Philadelphus 3 Dec, 2021
Quoting: elmapulomg i say the words AAA and Triple A or blockbuster all the freaking time, i cant believe i forgot right now.
on the other hand, people always complain when i use those terms.
Aww, sorry in that case!
Eike 6 Dec, 2021
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: elmapulthe question is: will stake holders care about us?

My first reflex was "Yes, if they're acting reasonable. Money is money, little or much." And "Porting will be the easier the more platforms they support in the first place." Like, when supporting Windows and XBox and PlayStation and Switch, Linux is not too hard to do.
I guess the problem is that developers are scarce and even if Linux is worth it, making them do something else promises more money.
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