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Lutris game manager getting Ubisoft Connect integration

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Is any service safe from Lutris? Apparently not. This impressive free and open source game manager will gain support for another way to install games on Linux in an upcoming update.

Just like the previous article highlighting the upcoming Origin support, this newly introduced Ubisoft Connect is not available in a released build as they code has only recently been added to the GitHub development area. Lead dev Mathieu Comandon once again teased this on Twitter:

Once the new release is out it means Lutris will help Linux gamers sort through Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, Origin, Ubisoft, Epic Games, lots of different emulators and more. It really is turning into the all-you-can-eat of Linux gaming.

See more about Lutris on the official site.

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Quoting: elmapulits a hack or uplay has some official api? i hope ubisoft/epic dont break thirdy party apps on purpose.
" lots of different emulators and more."
i will pass for emulators, i already use retro arch for it, having 2 solutions would only make things confusing.

do lutris work with controller?

if it works with proton/wine it will work with lutris but you dont need an account to view the scripts for any games you may have and it will tell you
slaapliedje 25 Jan
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Heh, at this point GOG may as well just talk to the Lutris devs and make it the Linux GOG Galaxy. Seems to have feature parity.
torkel104 26 Jan
Ubisoft is a horrible company that abuses its workers and customers alike. Do not support them!
hardpenguin 26 Jan
Okay now this is something, I am very impressed!
teablossom 26 Jan
Yassss!!! I can't wait to try this out as I have quite a few Ubisoft games like Rayman Origins and Legends ^^. Lutris is truly my favourite launcher on Linux. From Wine to native to emulators like RPCS3. I also use it for GoG games (As GoG has no official launcher for linux) :D. Any idea when the update is going to be released?
slaapliedje 26 Jan
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Quoting: torkel104Ubisoft is a horrible company that abuses its workers and customers alike. Do not support them!
I wish I could be running a company and abuse my workers. But only if they consent. Some people like the abuse. :P

Seriously though, there are very few companies on the planet earth that don't abuse their workers in some way. EA is more notorious for that, yet people still buy their games. Ubisoft has a formula for their games now... all they need is to get artists to change the textures, maybe software developers to tweak some parameters, and boom, they have another watchdogs, assassins creed, etc. They sell though as they are somewhat fun. Though attempting to get all the things in any of those type of games becomes pretty much impossible. Also their lunacy about DLC and what they charge for it is nuts, and really is kind of abusive to the industry. Best to wait a few years after a game launches, then just buy the 'ultra platinum edition' on sale for 10 bucks like I did for Ghost Recon: Wildlands on the PS Store...
Quoting: torkel104Ubisoft is a horrible company that abuses its workers and customers alike. Do not support them!

I agree they have abused their staff but then crunch happens in every studio even valve you know back when they had a game development team. The sexual abuse is of course unforgiveable. But ubisoft are far from alone in it basically the only people you would be able to buy games off would be indie devs if you went down that rabbit hole.

CD prokject caught called out for sexual abuse and crunch so did EA ubisoft Epic Blue hole, Activision codemasters and Nordic thq (deepsilver) in fact the only company that hasnt had any scandal that we know of is Microsoft dear god as it come to this that microsoft are the only triple A games studio you can morally buy game off on PC damn what a chain of events. (spoliers it wont matter that Rockstar apparently is so frat boy ish that the toilets at their studio say "chicks" for female employees but hey red dead 2 was great basically morales go out the window if people wanna play it bad enough
Quoting: UpscaleI'm betting Lutris are also getting prepared for Steam Deck.
They definitely are. I can't think why else they originally targeted full Flatpak-integration for 5.10, before taking it off the milestone as it got stalled.

As someone who have used Lutris on Endless OS (an immutable OS), I can say that Lutris' current system don't quite work on Flatpak (especially with regards to .AppImage emulators, and nevermind that those .AppImage is often outdated compared to the Flatpak releases).
Quoting: torkel104Ubisoft is a horrible company that abuses its workers and customers alike. Do not support them!
I just claim my free games from them. I don't care about actually paying there - Steam is the only place for me, now that HumbleBundle going in the shitter.

Last edited by fenglengshun on 27 January 2022 at 1:31 am UTC
I wonder what's next... Lutris OS, focused on Desktop Linux gaming, unlike Chimera OS.
Pompesdesky 28 Jan
Quoting: soulflyman
QuoteIs any service safe from Lutris?
Amazon at least, itch games can be downloaded manually but there is no easy way to get your amazon games on linux at the moment.

As if Amazon was not already getting too big in too many areas. I say leave that behemoth out of the Linux scope
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