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Budgie 10.6 is out now and looking fresh

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The Linux desktop Budgie 10.6 is out now, as the first release under the new Buddies Of Budgie organization and it's really looking good. This release brings a bunch of styling changes, as the team has been focusing a lot on the little things to make the experience smoother.

From the team:

Budgie 10.6 is not just a reflection of our organization change for the development of Budgie, it reflects an expansion on Budgie 10.x series with new features and re-architectures, applying the lessons learned from those into our next generation version of Budgie. Buddies of Budgie views Budgie Desktop as a platform rather than a product. Distributors of Budgie Desktop and users should not feel like their choice of theming, applications, or default styles should be at odds with the goals of the project.

Budgie 10.6 aims to eliminate the divide between traditional "downstream" consumers of Budgie and the development organization itself, enabling those downstreams like Ubuntu Budgie to get more intimately involved in its development.

Applying one of our core pillars of being a platform rather than a product, the goal with Budgie 10.6 and future releases of Budgie is to provide a macrocosm, or a minimal set of tightly coupled components, and leave the rest of the ecosystem up to the decisions and values of downstream consumers, be that distributions or end users.

Some of the release highlights includes:

  • Application grouping in the Icon Tasklist on the bottom bar
  • Theme improvements
  • Notification System Rewrite
  • Elimination of some legacy queue_layout calls in the window manager, which should reduce unnecessary redraws
  • Use of tabs instead of spaces, general reformatting of some code
  • Reintroduce support for GNOME 40, to enable Ubuntu LTS support
  • Moved from Weblate to Transifex for translations
  • Renamed Budgie Desktop View schema to support its rebrand
  • Renamed GNOME Control Center references to Budgie Control Center
  • Ensure gschema override for switch-input-source* is formatted correctly, which fixes a gschema compilation warning.
  • Fix SEGV when input source was switched by Alt+Shift_L, caused by using a non-ibus input method.
  • Fixes to expanding Raven thumbnail causing Raven itself to resize

You can support development on their Open Collective.

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fagnerln Mar 8, 2022
Looks like Budgie 11 will use EFL instead of GTK, I hope that it goes all right in the transition to make it less dependent on gnome.
Purple Library Guy Mar 8, 2022
Quoting: fagnerlnLooks like Budgie 11 will use EFL instead of GTK, I hope that it goes all right in the transition to make it less dependent on gnome.
Interesting. What's EFL?
kon14 Mar 8, 2022
Quoting: Purple Library GuyInteresting. What's EFL?

EFL stands for Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. It's what powers the Enlightenment wm/compositor.
Pretty weird choice, but I hope it works out for them.
PUN Mar 8, 2022
For me budgie is the most good looking distro. Even than elementary. I hope it evolves and keeps the quality at high standards.
seven Mar 8, 2022
i wished they went with QT and KDE
Purple Library Guy Mar 8, 2022
Quoting: seveni wished they went with QT and KDE
Well, QT I can see. But Budgie is a desktop environment like KDE, so using KDE would kind of just be abandoning Budgie.
Craggles086 Mar 9, 2022
Would have liked to see them base future development on WindowMaker. :)
Now that would be fun..

“ Development of Budgie 11, a rewrite of Budgie leveraging the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL). This opens the door to more independence as a project and organization, as well as providing the opportunity for growth as a desktop environment and support new technologies (such as Wayland). “
Grimfist Mar 10, 2022
I actually do like Budgie very much so good to here they still do work on it after the departure of Josh. But for me it is still unusable, because you cannot add a second panel on the second monitor. There is a years-long issue on Github for this, but still this feature is not on the horizon. So I will stay with KDE until this gets fixed.
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The comments on this article are closed.