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The latest update to Proton Experimental has landed for running Windows games on Linux and Steam Deck. Here's all that's changed. Firstly, the driver version requirements have seen a bump. At a minimum you now need NVIDIA 510.47 / Mesa 22.0 or newer so if you wish to continue using it make sure you're up to date (Steam Deck is fine).

Newly playable games include:

  • Gary Grigsby's War in the East
  • Gary Grigsby's War in the West
  • Beneath a Steel Sky

Video playback fixed for:

  • Street Fighter V
  • Disintegration
  • POSTAL4: No Regerts

Fixes for:

  • ELDEN RING crashing during prolonged gameplay
  • DEATHLOOP crashing after long system suspend

Additionally, vkd3d-proton that translates Direct3D 12 to Vulkan has the latest development work pulled in. Full changelog here.

Need to know how to change the Proton version used? See the below video:

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Many more Steam Deck Guides available on our dedicated YouTube Playlist.

Text guide (Steam Deck):

  • Pick a game and head to the little COG icon on the right.
  • Click Properties, then Compatibility on the left.
  • Make sure the tickbox is done, then select it from the dropdown.

On a Linux desktop:

  • Right click a game, go to Properties.
  • Compatibility on the left.
  • Make sure the tickbox is done, then select it from the dropdown.
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dpanter 13 May
Getting Mesa version updated is a tiny obstacle compared to how older Nvidia GPU's aren't supported in 510+ driver series. Kepler support ends with 470.

Rather long list of cards but TLDR; Kepler is used in most of the desktop GTX600/700 cards and mobile 600m/700m/800m laptops. Check the link for more info, note that some GPU's in the mentioned ranges are Maxwell instead and are still supported in the 510+ driver series.
iWeaker4You 13 May
The good thing is that in Debian we have 510 in the Experimental repos, since only 460 (470 Backports) is available in the stable version.

Long Live Debian !

Last edited by iWeaker4You on 13 May 2022 at 2:46 pm UTC
EagleDelta 13 May
Quoting: t3g
Quoting: damarrin
Quoting: mr-victory
Quoting: damarrinThat version bump is brutal, these are really recent drivers.
Out of curiosity, does Pop have these drivers right now?
IDK about Mesa, but it does have the 510 driver.

Ubuntu 22.04 ships with Mesa 22 and so does Pop 22.04.

Pop is currently shipping with 510.68.02 in 22.04.

To comment on those that are complaining that these requirements are too recent of releases to require, it's good to remember a few things:

1. Proton Experiment is just that, experimental. Generally to use experimental features, you need software/drivers that support those experimental features.
2. Mesa 22.0.3 and NVidia 510.68.02 are the latest stable releases of those drivers. I can't speak for Mesa, but System76 doesn't ship beta NVidia drivers and won't ship stable drivers until they've tested that they work in Pop as expected.
3. In the current era of frequent vulnerabilities and a tech/gaming industry moving fairly fast, staying on an "old" driver because the latest stable is "too new" for a single individual's idea of "stable" is not going to fly. Software/Hardware devs get to decide the minimum required version and being on the latest GFX driver version has been a gaming mainstay for years.
Blisto 13 May
Note that this is only relevant for for dx12 games and is because vkd3d-proton now requires the
VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering vulkan extension which is included with mesa 22 and Nvidia 510. dxvk games should still be fine.
And yes this has been a requirement with GE since GE-proton7-10

Edit: And also VK_KHR_maintenance4 was made mandatory more recently as rcrit said earlier. They overlap with their additions to the drivers.

Last edited by Blisto on 13 May 2022 at 4:42 pm UTC
Xpander 13 May
afaik all the vulkan beta drivers since 470.62.05 support the VK_KHR_maintenance4 and the latest being 470.62.29. so those drivers should still work on older gen cards right?
Also this update is for experimental, so its not a big deal i think. Sooner or later the support for old GPUs has to stop somewhere imo.
CyborgZeta 13 May
Hmm. I do have the latest stable Mesa, but I also use the Steam Flatpak. One of the Flatpak runtimes I have installed is the Mesa 21.3.8 freedesktop SDK. Not sure which Mesa the Steam Flatpak uses.
officernice 15 May
I just want Rising Storm 2, Insurgency Sandstorm and Hell Let Loose to work... :(
chelobaka 15 May
Quoting: CyborgZetaHmm. I do have the latest stable Mesa, but I also use the Steam Flatpak. One of the Flatpak runtimes I have installed is the Mesa 21.3.8 freedesktop SDK. Not sure which Mesa the Steam Flatpak uses.

You can see Mesa version with DXVK HUD.
Mershl 15 May
Flatpak Steam uses the 21.08 runtime which is still (and probably will be for a bit) on mesa 21.3.8...
etoven 3 Oct
I was running mesa 21. Been having GTA issues still. I just installed mesa 22.2 plan on giving it a go.
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