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Reassembly is a highly rated game that mixes spaceship building, exploration and intense combat. It's quite a little gem and has a big update out now. One I was somewhat addicted to back when it originally released in 2015.

With a lot of variety on the parts available to build you ships, it's a little like snapping together LEGO. If you love space combat and building, it's one to check out. Quite amazing to see it still continue to be updated this long after release. As on June 24th here's what's new:

  • Add 64 bit windows binaries. Should improve performance a bit, especially when many mods are installed.
  • Add 64 bit linux binaries, and update linux compiler to gcc-9. Linux support now requires a 64 bit OS.
  • Update mac compiler. Now requires OSX 10.12.
  • Multi-threaded ship loading. Noticeably faster loading when many mods are installed
  • UI fixes for steam deck. Scrolling credits with bigger fonts, move some "flying" controls into "advanced", open the on-screen keyboard when relevant, etc.
  • Fix corruption crash when an explosion creates more explosions
  • Replace libcurl with cpphhtplib. Should be transparent, and fix some linux issues related to out of date libcrypt etc.
  • Fix AI for rocket turrets
  • Fix dancing thruster bug

Valve has currently rated it was "Playable" for the Steam Deck.

Never seen it before? Check out the original trailer below:

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Game Features:

  • Gorgeous Vector-Based Graphics
  • Procedurally Generated Universes
  • Ridiculously User-Friendly Spaceship Designer
  • A Beautiful and Haunting Soundtrack by Peter Brown (Peaks)
  • More Particle Effects Than You can Shake a Stick At
  • Very Smart and Reactive AI
  • Physics that Give Weight to Your Creations
  • Asynchronous Multiplayer: Universes Populated by Fellow Players

Available to buy from Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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lukas333 Jun 27, 2022
Love that game, so random and so fun.
scaine 11 years Jun 27, 2022
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Mega Supporter
Phenomenal ship building in this game, and such a silky-smooth, fluid game to play. Tiny bit of a learning curve, but I loved playing this one back in the day. Can't believe it's 7 years old now!
Philadelphus Jun 27, 2022
Wow, I remember backing this on Kickstarter. And then like most games I backed there, by the time it came out my interests had changed and I never actually played it that much. (At least my younger brothers played it a lot via family share.) Cool to see it still being updated, though, maybe I should jump back in and see if it grabs me this time around.
slembcke Jun 27, 2022
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  • Supporter Plus
Nice! This game actually uses Chipmunk2D, the physics engine I wrote. :D I've pumped a lot of hours into this game, and have met the author at GDC.

Last edited by slembcke on 27 June 2022 at 8:10 pm UTC
ljrk Jun 28, 2022
QuoteReplace libcurl with cpphhtplib. Should be transparent, and fix some linux issues related to out of date libcrypt etc.

Is there any reason why so many devs struggle with using the correct libcrypt? There's a libcrypt bundled within the Steam Linux Runtime AFAIK, just... link against this one instead of the system one?

This HTTP library links against libcrypt as well, so is this some kind of issue while using libcurl?
Kuduzkehpan Jun 30, 2022
This game is most instabuy worthy game ever for me.There is no limit what you can craft in this game. But if we get some moving parts that would be more epic to create scorpion like ship with "ion blade"
Good job dev.
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The comments on this article are closed.