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Have the need for speed and love a good retro first-person shooter? DIMENSIONAL SLAUGHTER is what you should take a look at.

The developer calls it a "movement shooter" that has taken " the best parts of what makes both modern and retro shooters such as DOOM ETERNAL and QUAKE fun, then sticks them in a blender with fast paced Rogue-Like progression and Perma-Death, leaving for an even more intense experience with absolutely NO space for filler". I know that description will certainly pull in a few eyes. There's also "no intrusive story", it's all about the gibs.

It seems to do a few curious things like sending you through different dimensions with different enemies, and a unique weapon for each area. In a way, the way you progress sounds perhaps a bit like Risk of Rain 2 but the order of the areas you go is randomized. Why is it a movement shooter then? Well, everything is fast as hell and ammunition is a reward for moving around so you have to stay on your toes.

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It's definitely not the prettiest around but I'm sure the action will make plenty of FPS fans happy.

The system requirements are mildly amusing too noting it needs "Sound Card: LOUDEST POSSIBLE DAMMIT", and on the macOS side "Additional Notes: shouldn't have bought a mac" — ouch.

You can follow it on Steam.

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StoneColdSpider Jul 25, 2022
That looks really good..... loving the return of the Boomer Shooter..... I will keep an eye on this one for sure.... cheers....
lukas333 Jul 26, 2022
So many boomer shooters to choose from right now
Purple Library Guy Jul 26, 2022
Quoting: lukas333So many boomer shooters to choose from right now
Y'know, I'm Gen X myself, but I still think it's a bit much to have tons of games about shooting boomers.
g000h Jul 27, 2022
The disparaging term 'Boomer' tends to get applied very poorly by younger generations. If you took the youngest 'Boomer' (born 1964), and the earliest decent 'Boomer Shooter' Doom (released 1993) you'd notice an age gap of 29 years. Taking the mid-range instead (median 'Boomer' = 1955) and middle of the 'Boomer Shooter' popularity (approx 1998), then the typical age of a 'Boomer' engaging in 'Boomer Shooters' would be 43 years.

While this isn't especially unusual nowadays i.e. for a mid-40s person to play computer games in their spare time, back in the 90's, it was mostly young people (teens/early 20s) who were playing 'Boomer Shooters'...

Putting this into perspective, a 10-year old gamer could have been born as late as 1990 and still be considered to be a 'Boomer Shooter', similarly an 18-year old gamer could have been born as late as 1982 and still be considered a 'Boomer Shooter'.

So, basically Gen Y / Millennials were the typical age range for playing 'Boomer Shooter' games (and some tag-alongs from Gen X). Practically zero real 'Boomers' were playing 'Boomer Shooters'.

Even the creators of the earliest 'Boomer Shooter' (Doom), namely John Romero (born 1967) and John Carmack (born 1970) were Gen X themselves.

Basically the term 'Boomer Shooter' is derived incorrectly.

Last edited by g000h on 27 July 2022 at 5:36 pm UTC
Cerberon Jul 27, 2022
Quoting: g000hBasically the term 'Boomer Shooter' is derived incorrectly.
I hope you are enjoying your first day on the internet
Purple Library Guy Jul 28, 2022
Quoting: g000hThe disparaging term 'Boomer' tends to get applied very poorly by younger generations.
While that's true, I think it's fair. Boomers for their part generally seem to call absolutely everyone younger than about Gen X a "millennial" and pretend that they're lazy and have it easy even though in fact boomers had it much better in most ways than more recent generations. I think everyone's pretty lazy about their references to any generation that isn't theirs.
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The comments on this article are closed.