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Valve has announced three things recently including multiple updates that are out now for the Steam Deck, plus a quick tease of what's to come for a Beta of SteamOS 3.4.

Firstly, a new SteamOS update is out now in the Stable and Beta channels that pulls these changes over from Preview:

  • Temporarily reverted RDR2 VRAM workaround to pre-3.3 behavior
  • Fixed an issue causing random 0.2s stutter
  • Fixed an issue causing performance drops when a UI element appeared on screen if the performance HUD was enabled.
  • Improved performance for Forza Horizon 5

There's also a Steam Deck Client Beta update out now for those in the Beta and Preview update channels with these changes:

Steam Input
  • Allow users to remove community layouts that they've created. Users who have this config selected won't lose it, but it will no longer be listed in the community layouts.
  • Removed a check which would only show your layouts in your personal layouts, even when shared with the community - this was causing users to think their configuration has not been exported.
  • Fixed a bug on saving configurations where the controller type could attempt to use a cached valued which was incorrect, causing the layout controller type to appear to be incorrect.
  • Changed the OSK chord to be on button release instead of press to resolve some issues with focus on the desktop window.
  • Added Shared Layout preview of layouts which shows a layout and allows it to be optionally assigned. If the user clicks on a steam url link to a config (via chat for example) while in Game Mode, this will be shown.
  • Added support for Nintendo Joy-Cons
  • Improved FlickStick mode
  • Added Discovery Queue to Home screen under the Recommended tab
  • No longer showing a Steam Cloud sync error notification when installing a game
  • Fixed issue where a 2.9GB read-only library is displayed when the microSD card is unmounted manually
  • Added game resolution setting to non-Steam app properties

On top of that and perhaps even more exciting, is that a Beta version of SteamOS 3.4 is on the way. Confirmed on Twitter by Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais, who mentioned it's being worked on right now and it will "contain an update to the Arch base". SteamOS basically uses a snapshot of Arch Linux, along with tweaks and changes that Valve do, so with SteamOS 3.4 we're likely to see an updated Linux kernel, updated KDE Plasma for desktop mode and a whole lot more updated software.

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slaapliedje Aug 19, 2022
Quoting: mr-victory
Quoting: slaapliedjeI knew this would be the case, and maintain they should have just stuck with Debian.
IMO sticking to Debian is not possible because new features necessary to make games run (ie. Halo Infinite) and performance improvements first make it to Arch Linux and actually Valve is the one on the front developing these features so Arch naturally makes sense. I don't mean updating every minute like real Arch installations but having an Arch base but doing what Manjaro couldn't: dodging and circumventing breakages while delivering new features by holding base a few days back, not waiting 6 months like current situation.
Uhm, you can 100% do that with Debian, just use backports. Then you get a much more stable environment, with a better control over stable /new stuff mix.
The reason they didn't want to use Debian is because they didn't like using .deb package format.
dos Aug 22, 2022
Quoting: mr-victorySteamOS 3 or one of its derivates (Holo, Winesap...)

Well, actually... ;)

"Holo" is the codename of SteamOS 3. You probably meant HoloISO, which is a project that attempts to take Valve's Holo and to make it installable on various hardware other than Deck.
scirocco Aug 23, 2022
Quoting: pb
Quoting: mr-victory
Quoting: pbI can't wait for a proper "normal pc" release of SteamOS. My self-made-steam-machine went from SteamOS 1 to SteamOS 2 to GamerOS to EndeavourOS but it pines for SteamOS 3 all the time.
If the GPU is AMD, SteamOS 3 or one of its derivates (Holo, Winesap...) should work fine.

Unfortunately it's from the times when nvidia seemed to be a better choice.
Anyway I'm aware of Holo but after the experiences with "SteamOS replacement" GamerOS, I'll just wait for the official release.

Well yeah gamepadui has some issues with Nvidia its very laggy but still usable, and gamescope is a bit wierd at times but its easily fixed by going fullscreen or windowed in a game. Overall Holoiso is a great OS, very speedy in games and everything looks better then on normal arch.

Last edited by scirocco on 23 August 2022 at 8:53 pm UTC
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The comments on this article are closed.