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EA AntiCheat could spell trouble for Steam Deck / Linux

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EA has just recently given out more information on their upcoming EA AntiCheat (EAAC), not to be confused with Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC), because EA are apparently terribly at naming.

In their new Deep Dive, they went over various details about their new EAAC and how it will affect their games. The first big note is that it will be kernel-mode, which is usually something that doesn't play nicely (or at all) with Linux and so this could be some bad news for the Steam Deck too. Not only that, it's an anti-tamper tech too.

Take FIFA 22 for example, it's playable on Linux and has a "Playable" Steam Deck rating. However, FIFA 23 will be launching in October and guess what? It will have EA's new AntiCheat. So, this might mean it won't work at all.

It won't end up in every game from EA though, as they said in the post they will work with each studio to determine their needs. It also mentions for some titles they may only use "user-mode protections" (no kernel-level stuff) or just not have any at all.

A worrying trend though, with more and more anti-cheat going kernel-side which is almost always developed just for Windows. It's problematic for another reason though, like the recent issue with Genshin Impact where the anti-cheat driver was abused to disable anti-virus.

What do you think to this news?

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Ehvis Sep 14, 2022
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: revliscano
QuoteWell, this year's Fifa will be the last made by EA. They will do their own game then and Fifa will give the license to other developers.

Huh, really? That would be awesome! But why would EA wanted to get rid of one of its most successful IPs?

Because they believe that the players will stay with them for their gameplay with shitty macrotransactions even if they don't have real names in there. That way they could keep a boat load of money for themselves. I'm not so sure.
SirBubbles Sep 14, 2022
Quoting: CyborgZetaCould this be retroactively added to Mass Effect: Legendary Edition? If not, I don't care; I hate EA.
This would be one of the few instances where EA not giving a damn about slightly older titles would act in our favour. That kind of thing would take "work". Something EA actively avoids unless it's for their top priority online money-spinner titles.
Good thing too, EA doesn't get to touch my Mass Effect.
MadWolf Sep 14, 2022
the translation of this is we want to protect the games that have microtransactions "surprise mechanics" = gambling mechanics and if we can get away with it your data too M$ has it so why can we not have it too

the last new EA "Evil Always !!!" Game I bought was Command & Conquer Remastered Collection but that game was developed by former Westwood Studios developers and the game before that star wars fallen order

I do not trust EA "Evil Always !!!" developers to mess with my kernel their games are buggy this shit will may not get installed on my computer and if there is a game with this shit I want to play will wait for it to go on sale and I will use a user made patch
Pengling Sep 14, 2022
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Quoting: revliscanoHuh, really? That would be awesome! But why would EA wanted to get rid of one of its most successful IPs?
Quoting: EhvisBecause they believe that the players will stay with them for their gameplay with shitty macrotransactions even if they don't have real names in there. That way they could keep a boat load of money for themselves. I'm not so sure.
It was because the licensing costs went up.

QuoteEA’s plan to rebrand their FIFA game series, as well as end their partnership with the association has been rumored since last October, reportedly because the association was asking to increase their licensing cost to $1 billion for each World Cup cycle.

Last edited by Pengling on 14 September 2022 at 6:05 pm UTC
Valck Sep 15, 2022
Quoting: Purple Library GuyLot of people saying doesn't matter cause they don't play EA games and already hated EA anyway. I don't think I own any EA games either and not planning to get any. But in context, that is unfortunately somewhat beside the point. The point is, in putting some popular games off limits, could this blunt the growing wave of Steam Deck adoption?

I think probably not, on its own, as long as this doesn't either become a product they successfully sell for use in other games as well, and as long as it's not a harbinger of similar moves by other big game companies. But it's not a happy thing.
I see, so "don't care" could be read in that tone as well, yes.

While I doubt the current state of anti-cheat will significantly slow down Steam Deck adoption, I can definitely see the growing significance of the new market segment as a means for creating enough pressure [ha. ha. Steam. Pressure.] from that other "don't care" crowd to open up the kernel for anti cheat monitoring malware, which they will vehemently demand as rightfully theirs, cheer when it eventually happens, and likely not stop there.
I on the other hand will stop here, it's already depressing enough ;9

Last edited by Valck on 15 September 2022 at 3:55 am UTC
Marlock Sep 15, 2022
Quoting: denyasis
Quoting: fagnerln
Quoting: WorMzy

What a nice piece of software! I would love a libadwaita version of it 🤣

(I was thinking, I never saw a progress bar on it)

And for on the go, a mobile app would be nice too!
A new "Hello World" is born!
dvd Sep 19, 2022
Can one even get decent singleplayer games these days?
Marlock Sep 19, 2022
Quoting: dvdCan one even get decent singleplayer games these days?
Probably not from EA, and it will depend a lot on your personal preferences, but yeah sure, there is a lot of good stuff going around these days in all shapes and sizes!

Not every game developer is a megastudio with greedy shareholders to answer to, and not even all studios went on the microtransaction hype train.

IMHO What riles people up is seeing potentially great games being ruined by poor design choices.

And to be honest I do like some online multiplayer games that do have microtransactions in them, like Fall Guys, on my PS5. It's a casual game and it respects the "pay to look good but not pay to win" rule of thumb and is a casual game where loosing is fun.

I'd love if the megastudios could get better at making those available for linux without doing anything atrocious to the OS security and my privacy, so I don't have to go the console route for those games anymore.

Last edited by Marlock on 19 September 2022 at 3:47 pm UTC
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