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Eike Oct 31, 2022
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Quoting: RTherenWhere Nobara? It's too glorious to not be included.

Never heard of this.
Termy Oct 31, 2022
Quoting: IperpidoMaybe it could convince Meta to add Linux support in the future... (i don't see this happening anytime soon, if ever, but who knows)

one would think that the typical Linux-User and Meta are about as incompatible as it gets ;)
Liam Dawe Oct 31, 2022
Added NVIDIA 4090, plus Intel Arc 770 and 750 today.

Quoting: IperpidoI just realized i still had "HTC Vive" as PC VR headset, while i switched to Oculus Quest 2 some times ago.

I think it should be added on the list, since it's currently the most popular headset out there, even if doesn't officially support Linux, and unofficial apps still have lots of improvements to do.

Maybe it could convince Meta to add Linux support in the future... (i don't see this happening anytime soon, if ever, but who knows)
Added all current Meta headsets in.
slaapliedje Oct 31, 2022
Quoting: fireplaceSilverblue and immutable/hermetic /usr/ operating systems are the future. First, Steam Deck. Next, GNU/Linux desktop as a whole!
First setup I'd seen this way was the AtariVCS. Definitely made me think of other possibilities for other uses of such a setup.
RTheren Oct 31, 2022
Quoting: Eike
Quoting: RTherenWhere Nobara? It's too glorious to not be included.

Never heard of this.

It's basically Fedora with some sprinkles on top. It's managed by one GloriousEggroll (yes, the guy behind Proton-GE).
Shmerl Nov 3, 2022
Almost there :)

slaapliedje Nov 3, 2022
Quoting: ShmerlAlmost there :)

Ha, that's funny. The crappy things about GPUs. 1) we only have really two main players if you want better than 'meh' performance (maybe the ARC GPUs from Intel will change this, but I doubt it). 2) Either you have open source drivers that require kernel updates and bleeding edge mesa if you have a new one, or you have proprietary drivers, which (dependent on Distro) are easier to install, but usually have some features lagging behind the Windows ones.

The other issues are developers themselves, where they either test with AMD or NVidia, but for some unknown reason, rarely bother to test with both. This of course have caused them to state that supported video cards are one or the other, even though either would work fine. You can damn well bet they try multiple configurations in Windows...
Shmerl Nov 3, 2022
Yeah, Intel so far didn't start competing seriously. May be they will.

Kernel updates + custom built Mesa kind of works, but if Mesa could decrease release period, updates could come sooner to those who don't want to bother building or using unstable versions. But I suppose Mesa project have their own reasons for their current release cycle.

Developers testing with more hardware is of course better. I suspect smaller developers don't have money to buy multiple GPUs, while others don't want to bother? Any professional developer studio should for sure test on multiple GPUs.

Last edited by Shmerl on 3 November 2022 at 10:52 pm UTC
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The comments on this article are closed.