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It seems with all the people emulating games on the Steam Deck and how popular doing so has become, Nintendo has continued to take notice and fired off some DMCA requests to have images taken down (thanks GBAtemp).

To get started with: what is SteamGridDB? It's a website that hosts various images for various games, to help you add fancy artwork into Non-Steam games you add into your Steam Library. So instead of seeing Steam's default image for Non-Steam games, you get it all looking nice. Naturally, this means people will be uploading plenty of images they don't own, and often the official game images for various games on other platforms for when people are doing emulation.

Nintendo being clearly unhappy with this, fired off many DMCA requests and now you might spot several images across the likes of (each link an example of one removed): Pokémon Scarlet, Pokémon Violet, Splatoon 3, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Super Mario Odyssey, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

It's not just for emulation though, it has game pictures for tons of games that you can use as an alternative to the official images included with Steam.

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Apologies for the long-winded (even by my pervasively verbose standards), but this is actually a bit of a passion subject for me:

So, before I say anything else, lemme first just say that if I ever do start messing with Switch emulation on my Steam Deck and try to add those games to my Steam Library, I'm using that "asset does not exist because of DMCA" image as my image for the game! 😂

Now, prior to the advent of the Steam Deck, I had felt myself in a real catch 22:

On the one hand, the Switch was far and away my #1 preferred system thanks to its "console / handheld hybrid" flexibility, and Nintendo was (and perhaps even still is) my #1 favorite company as a content / culture / experience creator, with the Genesis / TG16 and PS1 being the only times in all of gaming history where I preferred one of the rival consoles over Nintendo's entry for the given generation (and yes, that includes the WiiU).

On the other hand, as a litigious, draconian, blatantly anti-consumer legal entity....I HATED them. Full stop.

And this sense of inner conflict over these polar-conflicting simultaneously felt feelings had only been growing stronger and stronger as I had become more and more aware of my feeling them. I felt that I (and all Nintendo fans everywhere) were in an abusive relationship with Nintendo themselves, but that we stuck around because [STRICTLY metaphorically speaking] "the sex was so damned good". So I felt trapped, stuck in the perfect center between extreme love and extreme hate for this company.....

....then the Steam Deck came along, and enabled me to no longer feel so beholden to the Switch, and therefore, no longer so beholden to Nintendo.

And the difference was night and day.

Certainly, I still feel love for their content and cultural contributions to gaming, and certainly, I still enjoy a number of their games and storied franchises. But I no longer feel like the two feelings are a wash or that I'm held hostage by a tie. And now that I have broken free of that, I see their continued actions beyond that point as having been even worse than I had allowed myself to see previously. They're horrible!

While I am stopping just short of commiting to an all-out boycott of Nintendo, they have certainly lost my loyalty. If they offer a product or service that I really, really want, I will not deprive myself that service on principle. But if there is any way to get it 2nd hand, or aftermarket, so as to not put that extra coin in their coffers, I'll be sure to do so. And furthermore, I've allowed my NSO membership to lapse, with it being very unlikely that I'll opt to renew it later. My Switch has hardly been touched since getting the Deck, and I have purchased absolutely zero games of any kind for the system since securing my Deck. When my family gifted me some eShop gift cards, I bought 3DS games with them. Once I got my foot out of the bear trap, I ran (well, hobbled) away as fast as I could. :-)

Now I feel way more anger and sadness when I look Kyoto-ward than joy, and what joy I do still feel is dominated by the joy of relief at no longer being anywhere near so at the mercy of the merciless. The Steam Deck isn't just a great system on its own merits for me, it's also something of a liberation, of an emancipation. And that just makes it all the more beloved to me!

I personally have no problem with companies taking legal action to protect their intellectual property. A lot of people like to use the "grey area" defense, but I don't understand why they think that something that arguably exists in a legal grey area should only ever benefit the consumer and not the corporation.

I also have to laugh at people saying, "If Nintendo ran their business the way I think they should, then they would be successful!" when Nintendo has consistently been one of the most successful and profitable companies in the game industry.

Last edited by Mountain Man on 25 November 2022 at 2:05 am UTC
Grogan 24 Nov
I utterly detest Nintendo. I hate their games (since the 80's), I hate their devices and I hate the way they treat their customers.

No worries about me pirating Nintendo ROMs, not even in spite. (I have no use for anything that comes out of their rectum)
Why Aren't they going after Google/bing then that probably where the image originated from?
Bp968 25 Nov
Intellectual property is broken. Copyright terms of 100+ years, and the ability to allow old games to just die and then refuse to allow others to keep them alive and the ability for a company just to end access to digital purchases, etc is all broken.

Thank God steam is fair and solvent. If they ever go under it will be a terrible day in gaming history at this point.
Quoting: Purple Library GuySo, like, one question in my mind . . . is Nintendo making this stuff available in any other way? Can you buy the games from Nintendo? I'm thinking probably not.

If you look at the list of the games that were DMCA'd, they're all Switch games. You'd be right if these were like GameCube games but they're clearly targeting Switch emulation.

Either way though it's dumb, this is just cover art. It's not like it's gonna stop people from being able to play these games. All this does is force people to go on Google Images to make the Steam shortcut look pretty instead of letting a script do it for them
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