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Thousands of years later, The Bible has arrived on Steam

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I had to do a double-take to ensure I wasn't seeing things: The Bible is now available on Steam in the form of a Kinetic Novel. Yes really, a developer going by "Bible Games" has actually put it on Steam. This release supports Linux with a Native build too (Ren'py engine) because of course it needs to reach all God's children — something like that anyway.

Not only does it provide the good book, it also comes with an original soundtrack and an voice over from beginning to end. On top of that, there's even a trivia section so you can really prove your knowledge,

I don't think it really needs much of an explanation? Or maybe it does? I heard it's a bit unbalanced and gives lots of conflicting information that doesn't hold up well.

While some might think this is a little odd, or even a silly gimmick, it's managed a "Very Positive" rating on Steam so clearly some are enjoying their time spent in it with reviews like "I will become the greatest Bible player" and "atheists approved".

Even better, it has achievements, because as God knows, people sure do love earning things on Steam. Going by a Reddit post, the developer mentioned they did this because other ways of reading it on a PC were apparently bad.

Again, yes this is a real Steam "game" release, see it over here.

Oh they even made a little trailer for it:

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redmcg 16 Nov, 2022
Does anybody know the God Mode Cheat Code?
redneckdrow 16 Nov, 2022
As a Methodist, I support any method that brings people closer to the Lord and willing to hear the good news!

But this guy's a shyster.

Quoting: wvstolzingThe reddit thread is interesting. The guy who made this claims he couldn't find an audiobook, or an accessible version for visually impaired people ... which is pretty implausible by itself; but then he goes on to tell how that gave him the impetus to prepare 'translations of the text into as many languages as he could', & hire voice actors in various languages to record his (?) translations, and so on.

Doesn't sound terribly serious (or even sane) to me.

I mean, pro-level bible software costs a ton (because it comes with pretty amazing interlinked text, Greek & Hebrew translations, historical commentaries, and so on), but basic e-book/audiobook type releases are a dime a dozen.

I have to agree with you that the fella's motives are suspect. I mean, there are numerous public domain versions of the Bible including the OEB on Github.. (Not yet complete, but the New Testament is finished.)

And as for Software: there's Xiphos, GnomeSWORD, BibleTime, a half-dozen other Linux-compatible clients, and about a thousand Android Apps. Each of them supports many different translations, and a few support braille, screen readers, and text-to-speech. So his argument that he couldn't find other software is bogus.

If he really wanted to spread The Good News, he wouldn't be charging money for it. Same reason I don't like the NIV, they charge money for it, and claim copyright on their translation of The Word; no one has the right to do that.

Last edited by redneckdrow on 16 November 2022 at 10:23 pm UTC
Nezchan 17 Nov, 2022
They say the road to atheism is littered with Bibles read cover-to-cover, so I guess now that saying will need to be amended to include Bibles where all of the endings are unlocked.
CFWhitman 17 Nov, 2022
Nowhere do I see any mention of which translation of the Bible this is. It's obviously not one of the common older translations. It seems like they could at least mention what translation it was.
sarmad 17 Nov, 2022
What's with the "Sexual Content" label? 🤔
wvstolzing 17 Nov, 2022
Quoting: sarmadWhat's with the "Sexual Content" label? 🤔

David & Solomon, you know.
I played the first half of this game on another platform. The dev didn't give me a Steam key, so I can't review it.

There was one plot hole in the second world that sapped my enjoyment of the game. I don't mind plot-holes in games like Super Mario Bros, where the story doesn't matter to the gameplay. But this game is pretty plot-heavy, so plot holes are a big deal.

The plot hole I'm thinking of is the part of the game where
Spoiler, click me
the protagonist sends a messenger to demand that a king free a bunch of slaves. The king is initially willing to free the slaves, but then the very same protagonist hardens the king's heart to make him refuse.

Did they fix this plot-hole in the Steam version? If so I might drop a few bucks to play it again. Otherwise I'll probably
xuwang 17 Nov, 2022
Quoteit also comes with an original soundtrack

I originally read this as
Quotethe original soundtrack
and was intrigued :)
pb 17 Nov, 2022
I really don't like the idea of publishing a remake where the original authors don't get a cut.
based 17 Nov, 2022
Not the real deal until I see TempleOS release
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