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Paradox Interactive have announced that they're going to be increasing their prices. Some countries will get a huge bump and others only a little bit but some will actually be decreased.

Their new head of sales wrote on the Paradox forum about the changes in a wordy post but I'll outline the main changes for you to make it easy at a glance. Going forward, they expect to adjust prices every year at the start of a year and here's what to expect.

  • Argentinian Peso and Turkish Lira will see "more than a 300% increase".
  • Brazilian Real, Colombian Peso, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Kazakhstani Tenge and Russian Ruble to get "moderate increases".
  • British Pound, Norwegian Krone, Polish Zloty and Swiss Franc to get "smaller increases".
  • Peruvian Sol, Costa Rican Colon and Singapore Dollar to see "moderate price decreases"

Victoria 3 launched with their updated pricing, so no changes are expected on that title.

Currencies not mentioned are likely to see no changes at all.

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eldaking 19 Dec, 2022
Another increase? They were already dead to me since the previous one, so I guess whatever. CK2 is still plenty good and Paradox can burn for all I care.

Again, in case someone doesn't already know: exchange rate has shit all to do with purchasing power in different places, so no regional pricing isn't people getting the game "cheaper". Nor is the decision based on either of those (exchange rate or purchasing power), but rather on maximizing revenue (sales times price) - so they just figured they would make more money from the extra price than from the lost sales. For digital distribution, cost is not an issue. Indies would do well to stick with Steam's recommended regional pricing, as Steam definitely has way better marketing data than they, but AAA usually have their own.
Kimyrielle 19 Dec, 2022
To be fair, some of these currencies are so devalued against the USD or Euro that companies have no other choice other than to increase their pricing just to keep the dollar value of the revenue steady. This isn't a real price increase, so people need to chill.

Last edited by Kimyrielle on 19 December 2022 at 6:16 pm UTC
mr-victory 19 Dec, 2022
Quoting: KimyrielleThis isn't a real price increase, so people need to chill.
It isn't easy to chill when your currency is about to blow up. Wait, it is because I had already found the pricing expensive and have no purchase plans.
Koopacabras 20 Dec, 2022
QuoteArgentinian Peso and Turkish Lira will see "more than a 300% increase".
Koopacabras 20 Dec, 2022
I would simply not buy. easy I have 1500 games on my library lots of games to play on my backlog. I'm like a doom prepper gamer. I'm prepared .
Koopacabras 20 Dec, 2022
but this comes as no surprise really, winter sale is the last sale where there will be some left overs with old prices in argentina or any country that has this mad increases. I advice to pack your bags of games for one last time if you live in such countries. This is the last time.
14 25 Dec, 2022
Quoting: BlackBloodRumThis should be fun!

Including a 70% discount, Cities Skylines (https://store.steampowered.com/app/255710/Cities_Skylines/), released in 2015; currently stands at:

£6.89 for base or £8.99 or deluxe edition.

Okay, but we're not done yet!

Let's include the DLC!

The DLC, including numerous discounts: £162.07

So the "complete game" actually costs you £162.96 for base, or £171.06 for deluxe edition.

This is "discounted" on "sale". And they want to charge more? Greedy much?
You say you can buy 7 years' worth of DLC plus the base game for $162? You're complaining?

Think of a $40 PC game back in the day when annual Expansion packs were $30.

And DLC is optional.

I don't understand being mad at options. Would you prefer a monthly subscription where you don't get to choose what you don't want to pay for?
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