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Free Minecraft-like game MineClone2 v0.82.0 for Minetest out now

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A free and open source survival sandbox game pack for the voxel game engine Minetest, MineClone2 is as close to Minecraft as you can get without playing Minecraft. A big new release has rolled out with version 0.82.0 with lots added.

For those of you who dislike Minecraft and want something just like it, this is what you want. There's a reason it has clone in the name. Some of what's new in the latest release includes:

  • Bamboo and bamboo blocks added.
  • Added game music.
  • Light blocks added.
  • Japanese translation.
  • Overworld Biome Sky And Fog Colours.
  • Villager pathfinding improvement.
  • Villages spawn more effectively in desert and snow.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

The developers did their own overview video to showcase some of it:

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If any of my readers play MineClone2 — why do you choose it over Minecraft?

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hardpenguin 30 Jan
Good free alternative for everyone 👍️
Nezchan 30 Jan
Honestly I've only puttered around in Mineclone 2 the way it's presented. But I have done CallMeKevin's One Chunk Challenge a few times using it, because I don't have (or see the need for) official Minecraft, but wanted the same experience and mechanics as the original videos on the challenge.

That said, I am interested in digging deeper into it. Now that they've got their original benchmark (1.14, I think?) pretty much locked down and have moved on to the more modern stuff like the newer mobs, blocks, biomes and so forth, it looks like a lot of fun.
pageround 30 Jan
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  • Supporter
I dumped a ton of hours into minecraft before it was sold to Microsoft. Recently in the past year or so, Ive dug up my old mojang account and had it re-enabled for my son to use. I've also enjoyed playing around with MineTest, I find the mods much easier to use.
Edit: I dont have to worry about a paid marketplace in MineTest.

Last edited by pageround on 30 January 2023 at 3:12 pm UTC
1xok 30 Jan
I play Mineclone with my nephew, who currently only has a Raspi 400. Mineclone runs much better on the device than Minecraft. Plus the server side mods are great when playing with kids. The kids just have to connect to the server and not install anything locally. And it doesn't cost any money. Although I might donate a bit.
dmoonfire 30 Jan
Me and the kids (Child.0 is 12, Child.1 is 8) have been enjoying almost nightly sessions with MineTest. Default, not MineClone, though, but it has been a lot of fun just building and working, plus it was so easy to create a shared server with NixOS.

Probably one of the nicest bits is that the clients will download the assets required by the server, so I don't have to worry about making sure they have everything in since (unlike say, Satisfactory).
Minux 30 Jan
Quoting: hardpenguinGood free alternative for everyone 👍️

Same think here. By the way, your profile picture is cool buddy.
Pengling 30 Jan
QuoteIf any of my readers play MineClone2 — why do you choose it over Minecraft?
I owned Minecraft back when I had a Nintendo Switch, and over time claimed a lot of freebie DLC items during promotions. At some point or another a bug got introduced that trashed the items that were tied to your account, and the only known workaround to get them back was to log into Minecraft on an Xbox or a Windows installation, neither of which I have or want.

For a game that turned out to not really be my sort of genre, where I sometimes just explore to see what sort of worlds get procedurally generated and what sights I can see, it wasn't worth it at all for me to re-buy it and deal with more of that sort of hassle after I moved my gaming over to Linux, so MineClone2 has been just the ticket for those rare occasions when I get the exploring-blocky-worlds itch.
QuoteIf any of my readers play MineClone2 — why do you choose it over Minecraft?
Thats easy....... MineClone2 is not owned by Microsoft......
14 30 Jan
When I had to convert multiple Mojang accounts to Microsoft accounts and set up parental control that still allowed us to play together on a LAN, I just about threw in the towel. So, I'm really not happy with the Microsoft accounts. That actually extends to other PC games as well.

That said, I worked through the turmoil and we still play Minecraft. We spent quite a bit of time in Minetest for a while, though.

If Microsoft does something super annoying with the game again, I would maybe ditch Minecraft or hack it so we can play offline but still on LAN. I bought that game umpteen years ago when it was operated by a different company. I would not feel immoral hacking it so I can play offline without their control. I already paid for the game 4-5 times now.

Other games do it better: Stardew Valley, Starbound, Terraria, etc.
Nezchan 31 Jan
So did they dumb down the Villager AI to make them as suicidal as they tend to be in Minecraft?

Like the pathing has to make a beeline for things they can fall off of, for immersion's sake.
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