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Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets Steam Deck support

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It took quite a while for the issues to be figured out but Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) now has improved Steam Deck support. This should also mean it works better on desktop Linux too.

While the game did somewhat work for a while, you weren't able to play fully online with others due to problems with Easy Anti-Cheat. Whatever the issues were have been partially solved now so players on Steam Deck can jump into EAC enabled games in multiplayer matchmaking and the Custom Game Browser. In a support post on the official site, the developers said that future updates will "continue to improve Steam Deck compatibility as well".

Testing it myself and yup — playing online works just fine:

There's some known issues though, like the launch options being backwards, that you need to keep in mind for now until future updates:

  • When launching Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Steam Deck, selecting one of the available Anti-Cheat launch options will result in the game launching with the opposite launch option. For example, selecting “Anti-Cheat Disabled” will result in MCC launching with Anti-Cheat enabled.
    • Until this issue is resolved in a future update, players on Steam Deck must select the “Anti-Cheat Disabled” launch option to access multiplayer matchmaking and the Custom Game Browser.
  • Shortly after being removed from or leaving a party with other players via the Roster menu, players on Steam Deck may experience Halo: The Master Chief Collection freezing or crashing.
  • Players on Steam Deck are unable to play Campaign Co-op or Spartan Ops with players on PC or Xbox consoles. Attempting to do so may result in players accessing gameplay, however, all sessions will eventually experience a “Connection Interrupted” error or a similar disconnection.
    • Campaign Co-op and Spartan Ops will function as expected if all players in the group are playing on Steam Deck.

By "PC", they of course mean specifically Windows in the above quoted list.

For people trying it on Steam Deck for the first time, just be aware it won't automatically bring up the on-screen keyboard to sign in. You need to press STEAM + X to have it appear, and it may take a few taps in the input box to have it actually get focus from the keyboard. Hopefully they work on that too.

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AsciiWolf Apr 5, 2023
  • Supporter Plus
This is great news! Hopefully it will also work on regular desktop Linux.
ElectricPrism Apr 5, 2023
I literally have 4 Steam Decks and 4 copies of Halo MCC. I've beaten a few campaigns (mods disabled the last few months). I'm very excited I will finally be able to play.

Just yesterday I got my first "Easy Anti-Cheat Incident" warning when I attempted to load the game because it didn't ask if I wanted to load with Mods/EAC disabled or not.

There's been some really interesting analysis videos too of Halo 3 Alpha / Beta codename "Pimps of the Sea" that have been really interesting to checkout. ( )

I'm glad that MCC is on Deck (hopefully proper).

Last edited by ElectricPrism on 5 April 2023 at 8:42 pm UTC
StoneColdSpider Apr 5, 2023
I totally misread that as "Master Chef"......... It would make the show a whole lot more interesting if you could snipe the competition from the other side of the room......
Chronarius Apr 5, 2023
Would be great if Microsoft would improve their support too. I refunded Halo because Microsoft locked up my Microsoft Accounts without any reason. I still don't know why they have been locked. There is no response, no support, no nothing from Microsoft! So the devs can improve what they want. I give a damn about it! Oh and keep playing the original Halo on my Steam Deck
Purple Library Guy Apr 5, 2023
Quoting: ElectricPrismI literally have 4 Steam Decks
I literally have 2 goggling eyes.
tohur Apr 6, 2023
About darn time :) been waiting for long while ever since they added the .so files for them to turn this on :) now we can play the entirety of Halo except Halo 5 love it or hate it on Linux now :) who would have thunk a few years ago we would be here lol
2fastHunter Apr 6, 2023
The only news I wish to read about this collection is, that MS drops the necessity of MS accounts to play this.
TheRiddick Apr 6, 2023
Just be aware that COOP/MP gets a bit wonky with certain Halo's.
TomHenry Apr 6, 2023
I'm just playing these in coop with a friend and they are a blast, and the graphics difference is huge, it's also fun to press a key and see the old version at any moment.
aqeeliz Apr 6, 2023
So, are the Xbox achievements working now?
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The comments on this article are closed.