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People have used their Steam Deck to do all sorts of crazy things but this latest is nuts. It seems people in Ukraine are using it to help work an automatic turret. From ТРО Медіа on Facebook, they shared a post giving a few details into it with it translating roughly as:

"Sablya" is a Ukrainian automated remote-controlled fire complex designed for stationary installation on real estate objects or special transport.

The Shable Coordination is done via a remote control, camera and monitor, which allows combat from up to 500 from the rig, while preserving the operator's life.

A combat platform can be installed both stationary at checkpoints, border and other zones, including to defeat low-flying enemy "drones". On the platform you can install any light anti-infantry or anti-tank weapon weapon, for example, machine gun kalashnikov.

And what did people spot in the pictures? A Steam Deck:

Well, it is an entire computer in your hands with a screen, with a full Linux desktop mode available. So sure, why not. Thinking plainly, it's not too different to them sitting with a laptop of any other brand, just that little bit more portable. The other side is that they could just be using it to play some games in between testing and who could blame them eh?

There's spotting a Steam Deck "in the wild" and then there's this. Quite a surprise.

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CyborgZeta Apr 26, 2023
Quoting: miroWhat the actual fuq?
Is this for real? You do know that this is designed to kill people, not in a cs-fashion but for real. And all with the currently f'ed up narrative and politics, you are cracking jokes with it.

I can not believe this, what a shame.
I take no pleasure in the death of human beings, but I have no sympathy for invaders; especially those who commit war crimes.
D34VA_ Apr 26, 2023
Steam Deck would make a great FPV drone operator.
TheRiddick Apr 26, 2023
Still not available in Australia, outside of Imports that some stores sell for a increased cost.
ElectricPrism Apr 26, 2023
I think the takeaway here is that Steam Deck is a low power x64 portable device with impressive graphics capabilities for the size.
Sergiy Apr 26, 2023
Quoting: Purple Library GuyMy opinions on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the connections to NATO (both before and after the fact) are complex. But this is still cool. No matter what the geopolitics behind an invasion, it's still an invasion, the invaded are going to fight back, and it's interesting that they find the Steam Deck useful in doing so. Who knows? Maybe there are Russian soldiers doing the exact same thing. This is really about the functionality, not the politics.

This is not politics, but manipulation on your part.
The actions of the russians have nothing to do with politics, it is a real genocide.
Kidnapping children and taking them away, forcibly re-educating other people's children, killing their own parents.
This is only one of the crimes of a long list of russians in Ukraine.

The local population continues to be killed in the occupied cities.
Deleted_User Apr 26, 2023
Quoting: MatomboThis, a Russian Soldier is still a Human and not an Orc, regardless of how unjust the war is he is fighting in.

To add a thought of mine: i think it's totally understandable if an Ukrainian call them orcs, as they not only put their lives on the line defending their homeland, but to witness the attrocities is also stressful. Dehumanize the enemy is only one cope mechanism. They simply can't afford to think too hard on their own actions.

All of this don't apply to (western) couch war experts.
Tuxee Apr 26, 2023
Quoting: Purple Library Guy
Quoting: rustybroomhandle
Quoting: miroWhat the actual fuq?
Is this for real? You do know that this is designed to kill people, not in a cs-fashion but for real. And all with the currently f'ed up narrative and politics, you are cracking jokes with it.

I can not believe this, what a shame.

Are you suggesting we treat the Russian invading army of genocidal psychopaths with respect?
They're perfectly ordinary people

Well... no. Not exactly. They have bolstered their ranks with plenty of mercenaries and convicted criminals. So "perfectly ordinary people" might apply to some of them but a sizeable portion is not "ordinary people". I am also not aware of regular and large scale massacres of the US army in Iraq or Afghanistan (yes, there were war crimes but to a much much lesser extend).
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The comments on this article are closed.