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Free sandbox game inspired by Minecraft 'MineClone2' v0.84 is out now

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MineClone2 continues getting better and better as a free and open source replacement of Minecraft, with version 0.84 out now. Here's a run over what's new and improved. To play it you need Minetest.

Another of my favourites to keep an eye on, since there's really no barrier to entry here and for those of you who don't want to be forced into a Microsoft account like Minecraft now requires this is a good safe bet. Such great modding support in Minetest too, with MineClone2 being able to work nicely with many other mods.

Some of what's new in this release can be seen in the below new highlight video from the developers:

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Highlights of what's new:

Gameplay Improvements

  • Cherry Blossoms - Saplings added as loot, and trees and craftables added. Initial changes to enable a Wood API. - PrairieWind, SmokeyDope, Wbjitscool
  • Fix issue with drops turning black due to clipping into walls and floors and visually demonstrate drops merging - AncientMariner
  • Hoglins attack frequency reduced now due to new attack_frequency mob setting - AncientMariner
  • Hostile mobs should lose aggro if they cannot see their target - AncientMariner
  • Nerf skeleton attack - AncientMariner
  • Split global cap for peaceful and hostile. Introduce underground water, ambient water, axolotl cap. Slight peaceful spawn balancing. Mob spawning can have more density in some instances. Slightly less passive mob spawning. Some mobs were not counted in cap calculations. Refreshed cap space after spawning in cycle. - AncientMariner
  • Prevent slime blocks from 'connecting' to honey blocks when pushing/pulling, like in Minecraft - seventeenthShulker
  • Add support for external custom skins mod - MrRar
  • Double doors fixed - FossFanatic
  • Make elytra enchantable and the enchanted elytra usable - PrairieWind/FlamingRCCars/MrRar
  • Remove slimes from mushroom islands - AncientMariner
  • Remove Flower Forest Beaches from Wolf biome spawn list - PrairieWind
  • Make Piglin Brutes drop golden axes = PrairieWind
  • Make end crystals explode when nearby crystals are punched and explode - PrairieWind
  • Improved pig riding - PrairieWind

Visual Improvements

  • Incorporate sheep eating animation. - epCode
  • New textures for warped for Crimson Fungus, Crimson Fungus planks, Warped Hyphae planks - Exhale
  • New sweet berry textures - SmokeyDope
  • Add Piglin and Creeper description names to death message - AncientMariner
  • Creeper should not walk to player if it does not have line of sight. Mob shouldn't look at player it does not have line of sight to. - AncientMariner
  • Remove one cause of extra jittering in mobs - AncientMariner
  • Update dead bush generation - PrairieWind
  • Fix a typo in the Acquire Hardware achievement - uqers
  • Clean-up mcl_bamboo text - rudzik8


  • Add more fishing sounds! - Niterux
  • Add max_hear_distance flag to composter sounds - SmokeyDope
  • Add barrel sounds - SmokeyDope


  • Update russian translation - Temak
  • (french) translation enhancements - 3raven
  • Add spanish translations - megustanlosfrijoles


  • Reduce network activity for elytra flying rocket particles - AncientMariner
  • Mapgen Performance Improvements - FossFanatic
  • Migrate beacons back to abm - chmodsayshello
  • Frequent danger checks and movement actions removed from non-moving and out of range mobs - AncientMariner
  • Duplicate jump and danger checks removed from mob processing - AncientMariner
  • Decreased frequency of processing for some mob actions - AncientMariner
  • Only run certain checks if applicable for mob - AncientMariner


  • Add global cooldown for the bed quick chat feature - chmodsayshello/AncientMariner
  • Music toggle for players connecting to servers - chmodsayshello
  • Make sure dying sign text respects protection - AncientMariner

Full release notes available here.

Do you play MineClone2? What's your favourite extra mods to add in with it? Or do you prefer a completely different game pack for Minetest?

To download it you can grab Minetest and find it in the ContentDB.

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dziadulewicz Jul 10, 2023
Wow, a totally free as in freedom Minecraft engine and a game. Gotta get into this at long last. Found an interview (by Wikinews) of the main developer too via news about the release:
Pengling Jul 10, 2023
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  • Supporter
Quoting: dziadulewiczWow, a totally free as in freedom Minecraft engine and a game. Gotta get into this at long last.
Try out the mini-game Jail Escape, also made for Minetest, while you're at it, too - good concise arcade-style randomly-generated fun, that one.

Quoting: dziadulewiczFound an interview (by Wikinews) of the main developer too via news about the release:
It's not about this particular release (indeed, it's several years old now), but I found this piece, Mining for Education, to be quite an interesting read, myself.

Last edited by Pengling on 10 July 2023 at 1:03 pm UTC
14 Jul 16, 2023
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  • Supporter Plus
I haven't played it in a while, but I definitely had a good amount of fun with the kids in Minetest and mods a while ago. Really great to break away from the nuisance of the Microsoft accounts. And Minetest ran well for us as well.
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