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Denuvo expand their Anti-Tamper and add special Unreal Engine Protection

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You all absolutely adore Denuvo right? Well it's about to expand to offer game developers more options to add into their games so here's what's coming.

Announced during Gamescom is an expansion of their Anti-Tamper tooling with Integrity Verification. They say it will bring "more granular options to the Anti-Tamper product" letting developers verify the integrity of their own code, which is supposed to protect it against static and dynamic tampering preventing people from altering protected game code before startup and during gameplay.

“We understand the paramount importance of code security in the gaming industry,” said Doug Lowther, Chief Executive Officer at Irdeto, “Our Integrity Verification feature offers an effortless and robust defense, empowering our customers with a powerful tool to protect their valuable code and maintain the integrity of their gaming experiences.”

As for the Unreal Engine Protection, this new feature is a "first-of-its-kind solution is easy to integrate into the game on a binary level, effectively thwarting data mining attempts and creating formidable barriers against cheat creators, pirates and fraudsters" according to Denuvo developer Irdeto. 

“With the Unreal Engine Protection, we are creating new weapons for the gaming industry’s fight against hackers trying to do things with games that are not supposed to be done,” said Lowther, “Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in gaming security is exemplified by this first-to-market solution, enabling game developers and publishers to protect their creations with unparalleled ease.” 

Full press release here.

Thankfully, so far, Denuvo hasn't actually caused all that many issues for Linux desktop and Steam Deck gamers, since games protected by it work in Proton. When I spoke to Irdeto back in early 2021 they mentioned their anti-cheat would work on Linux too but it would tell developers as running at lower integrity but still that the "userspace game process performs significant cheat detection". Since then we've not had any updates on that.

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Raaben Aug 23, 2023
Denuvo and Unreal, my two favorite gaming tools coming together...
kuhpunkt Aug 23, 2023
I mean didn't Microsoft do this already when they locked down their game folders? And people were sooooo happy with that.
pleasereadthemanual Aug 23, 2023
I don't think it's a great way to treat your customers, but at least it works on Linux.
Bogomips Aug 23, 2023
Quoting: PenglingI've only run into Denuvo once in the two years since I ditched consoles (prior to that, I had ditched PC-gaming before even the likes of StarForce and SecuROM showed up), when it got added to Capcom's remaster of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective - a game I was going to buy and revisit, having enjoyed the original Nintendo DS release back in the day. I immediately opted not to buy it, and was left puzzled by why it's been stuck on an up-port of a decade-old DS game, but left off of some modern releases by the same developer.

Quoting: EhvisKinda. My wallet is happy about it.
Same. I suspect that Denuvo's real value is as a money-saving tool!

Quoting: BogomipsI will count the hours between the publication of a game implementing it and the cheaters pointing their nose in that same game.
This is the problem, of course - if someone is determined to cheat, they're going to do it anyway, no matter how much effort it involves. Punishing legitimate customers is definitely not the answer to that.

Yep, games are developed like ERPs in the 90s that started with an Excel spreadsheet or Access "database" by the CEO or CFO and became a nightmare after 4 years of Frankensteining from everywhere.

So, a game is more like an MVP with a custom engine from another project with tons of third party libs to make it fast and cost effective and the last 3 months before release everything is optimized because you are playing at 20 fps on a dev machine with 250 cores, 128 GB of RAM and an SLI of 4090 with memory leaks everywhere.

That's why if you think that cheating is a concern for anybody leading the project willing to put money and time to address it, I think you will have a hard time ;)
ssj17vegeta Aug 23, 2023
There should be laws that send developers who use DRM directly to jail.

Oh, and f*ck copyright.
WMan22 Aug 23, 2023
Irdeto is a cancer on this industry and anyone who paid for games that use their software should be ashamed of themselves, because now they have the funding to create what is essentially an anti-modding tool.
jams3223 1 years Aug 23, 2023
Denuvo Denuvo they're like that bed bug that can't stop getting on your bed and biting you in the buttocks. No worries guys the Source 2 engine is close to be released, any developer that plans to release a game on steam only will be able to use the engine for free and get a 10% off the amount of money valve will take when someone buys the game.
Klaas Aug 23, 2023
Even their logo is damaged. Just look at those poor letters being abused to stand for that garbage and then the broken E and N and whatever happened to that V and the kerning of the VO pair.
poiuz Aug 23, 2023
Quoting: ssj17vegetaThere should be laws that send developers who use DRM directly to jail.

Oh, and f*ck copyright.
Makes sense. Let's kill Linux gaming by putting Valve into jail…
Nitsuga Aug 23, 2023
Nah they understand no shish. In that case this woulnd't exist. Just an excuse to make money.
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