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Please save me I have discovered Leaf Blower Revolution

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It's cold and blowy outside, there's leaves everywhere and so the obvious solution to keep warm is to stay inside and play a game about blowing away leaves. Apparently that's what I'm doing with my life now, playing a free to play Steam game where I throw my mouse around the screen like a maniac to get all these damn leaves off my lawn.

Leaf Blower Revolution is a peculiar game. Released back in 2020 it's gone onto be rather popular too, with over 20,000 user reviews and an Overwhelmingly Positive rating. Clearly they're onto something, and I can see why. I want to keep going and I don't exactly know why.

It's very much a game of watching numbers go up, or not, just leaf it alone and come back later and see what's happened. Since it's an idle game, you can just leave it on a second monitor or in the background, to dive in for a few minutes to take an active role whenever you want.

The game trickles in little treats for you too. There's many different types of leaves to blow away you'll find drop onto your lawn, and as you blow them away you'll get a leaf currency to go and buy some special tools. I must admit, the game gave me a chuckle the first time I closed and opened it, noting how I shouldn't be rewarded for doing nothing but it did so anyway and gave me a ton of basic leaves to go and buy stuff with. Okay Leaf Blower Revolution, I see what you're doing, you're trying to get me to play more.

When you start playing more, and buying more (with the in-game currency), it only gets bigger and funnier too. Starting off with nothing but your hands, moving onto rakes and leaf blowers, automatic leaf blowers that travel around the screen like little robots and more. You can even buy nuclear fuel to power-up your devices, what could possibly go wrong there?

After you accrue enough leaves you can buy the ability to get different leaves, which then opens up other types of shops to buy more different quirky tools and abilities. Each shop gives you the ability to buy the next level leaf too and — repeat. Glorious number-go-up repetition while leaves fly around the screen. It's weirdly therapeutic. There's over 30 different leaves, over 38 different shops, over 40 areas, there's even some pets you can get.

The Steam reviews make me laugh too, someone with over 1,000 hours in it wrote "Still need just another hour or two to see if I really like it....", and yeah — that about sums this game up I think. Apparently at some point my Tea went cold, I'll warm it up later, gotta blow away some more leaves.

Unless you want it to take over your life don't download Leaf Blower Revolution.

Works great on desktop Linux with Proton 8, and Valve rated it Steam Deck Playable. Worked fine on Steam Deck with my testing but the font can be a little small. You can turn up the font size, but the font itself is not very clear but thankfully you can choose an alternative font too which is much clearer.

Check it out free to play on Steam.

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dpanter Nov 24, 2023
You know you're a gamer when you enjoy games.
Linux_Rocks Nov 24, 2023
I got the soundtrack for this to support the game. Leaf Blower Man is also really good, and the devs have a sense of humor going off the DLC. lol
hardpenguin Nov 24, 2023
Looks like a nice cozy and fun find. I know what I am gonna do this weekend :D
Pengling Nov 24, 2023
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  • Supporter
Oh nooooo, Liam, no! I still need to get started on Lawn Mowing Simulator which I discovered thanks to a few mentions on GOL and which my other half gave me after he got it in a bundle since he knew I had my eye on it, and then I've always got Placid Plastic Duck Simulator ready to go, and now you post about this?!

Quoteautomatic leaf blowers that travel around the screen like little robots
Welllllll, I could always use more troops for my robot-army...
Lofty Nov 24, 2023
Quoting: hardpenguinLooks like a nice cozy and fun find. I know what I am gonna do this weekend :D

your going to put down the deck and go clean the yard right ?

... right..
whizse Nov 24, 2023
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  • Supporter
Quoting: PenglingI still need to get started on Lawn Mowing Simulator
Now you got lawn clippings all over the place, and have to clean up with PowerWash Simulator!
aparthy Nov 24, 2023
Really just the tip of the iceberg was covered here. This game is such a massive time sink. From a game about blowing leaves you'd never expect the depth of this rabbit hole.
I'll try not to spoil things too much listing some of it's features:

Spoiler, click me
Much like most incremental games there is something like new game plus, were you keep some progress you made to start again to progress even further.
Apart from blowing and collecting leaves you can also dig for materials.
There is science that processes leaves into potions.
Later on you fight monsters by blowing leaves on to them and let your bots bump into them.
There is intricate blowing techniques for piling leaves for maximizing efficiency for only the most advanced of blowers.
There is trading, with cheese and beer and gems.
There is bosses to overcome and loot to collect.
There is crafting and alchemy to reach even higher heights.
There is Cards to collect and salvage.
There is seeds to collect and flowers to grow.
There is Borbs and you can send them on adventures
There is Challenges, in which you start a fresh game to reach a certain goal for optional boosts of your main game.
There is seasons for players to compete in a global leader board by starting a fresh game with seasonal changes, with prices and some progress to transfer over to the main game after the season ends.

There is so much stuff and more gets added continuously, that at some point I got burned out and stopped playing.

In general the game cycles from active play to idling which will lead players to several big walls to overcome to progress further.
Finding efficient ways to climb these walls is how the game tricked me into doing math in spreadsheets with big numbers in scientific notation.

Those walls are also a big incentive for buying DLC's that grant you some initial and daily boosts.
DLC's were usually released together with major content updates, which ofc come with a new wall to climb.
DLC's can be even purchased a second time on the mobile version and via cloud save you get the boosts a second time.

I feel kinda conflicted about this since this game is great for a very young audience and for some releases the balance of f2p and p2w felt off.
Seasons are handled very fairly in this regard tho, with different leaderboards for f2p, p2w and even crossplay.
In the end the game is free and this is how further development is monetized I guess. Everyone has to decide on their own if it is worth spending money on cutting (sometimes dull) content short.

The community around this game is awesome and wholesome and I wouldn't have played this game for so long without them. Their Wiki on fandom got much better but the real deal happens on their discord server, where the big brains come together and simulate multiple paths for max efficiency and whatnot.

At one point I used to let the game run on a sever through the night and on vacations, so I can only underline what the OP already said:
QuoteUnless you want it to take over your life don't download Leaf Blower Revolution.

and add, don't underestimate what you'll do for making the numbers grow faster :D
Jarmer Nov 24, 2023
Is this something I could play for a few mins here and there on the Deck? Or is it more something you'd recommend opening on the desktop and just leaving it running for ages while doing other stuff?
StoneColdSpider Nov 24, 2023
Quoting: Pengling
Quoteautomatic leaf blowers that travel around the screen like little robots
Welllllll, I could always use more troops for my robot-army...
I dunno..... Automatic Blowing Robots sounds more like a robot-army for the red light district.......
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