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Check out some midweek Steam Deck Verified picks

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Keeping up with all the latest games going through verification for Steam Deck, here's another set of picks for you to take a look at. All of the games listed below are steam deck verified Steam Deck Verified and gained the status only recently, so they should work without any issues. I'll also list any ProtonDB rating for you too.

Sea of Survivors

"In Sea of Survivors, you can sail your ship in any direction but you can never stop moving. Evade and destroy hordes of pirates and sea monsters to gain experience, level up and choose upgrades for your ship. Discover mysterious curses, unlock unique treasures and fight for survival."

Battle Shapers

"Battle Shapers is a blazing-fast, sci-fi FPS roguelite in which you shoot and smash your way through swarms of corrupt robots. Wield powerful weapons, abilities and game-changing new powers stolen from ruthless Overlords."


"Gunhead is a fast paced strategic roguelike FPS where you take the role of a pirate mech with a gun for a head, looting derelict spaceships filled with monstrous drones made out of bone and steel. Sequel to the 2d roguelite Cryptark."

Disgaea PC (ProtonDB Gold)

"The hotheaded Laharl seeks to be the next big Overlord in the Netherworld...and will destroy anyone that gets in his way! With his devious vassal Etna and the angel trainee Flonne as his unlikely allies, he must battle his way to supremacy and retake the throne in this over-the-top RPG adventure!"

Kona II: Brume (Native Linux)

"Northern Québec, 1970. A bizarre mist —the Brume— is disconnecting a rural mining village from its quiet reality. Step into the shoes of Detective Carl Faubert as he unfolds the mysteries haunting the region while battling for his own survival."

Wargroove 2 (ProtonDB Gold)

"Trouble stirs on the shores of Aurania. An ambitious new faction has unearthed forbidden relics capable of catastrophic consequences. But how far will they go to achieve glory? Take to the battlefield, sea, and sky with a cast of new Commanders, using your wits to wage turn-based war!"

Kingdoms and Castles (Native Linux)

"Kingdoms and Castles is a city-building simulation game about growing a kingdom from a tiny hamlet to a sprawling city and imposing castle. Make trade agreements, alliance, and war with neighboring AI controlled kingdoms. Each villager and resource is individually simulated."

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CatKiller Dec 6, 2023
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QuoteKona II

Man, that guy really didn't have a lot of fun in 1970.
hardpenguin Dec 7, 2023
Nearly all of them are mouse-heavy 😛

Steam Controller trackpads, disliked and rejected by the world at first, making a backdoor comeback through Steam Deck trackpads...
Pengling Dec 7, 2023
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Quoting: hardpenguinSteam Controller trackpads, disliked and rejected by the world at first, making a backdoor comeback through Steam Deck trackpads...
Until having them on the Steam Deck, they weren't something that I knew I wanted on a controller. The sheer versatility of just having them, even when not playing mouse-heavy stuff, is something that I wouldn't want to give up, now!
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