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Fortnite on Linux / Steam Deck? Not until 'tens of millions of users'

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Hoping at some point to play Fortnite on Linux / Steam Deck without the use of Cloud Gaming services? Well, it's probably quite some time away, if ever.

While Epic Games could put it on Linux, they're currently just choosing not to. The anti-cheat is supported, and has been for some time. It uses a mixture of Easy Anti-Cheat (which Epic themselves own) and BattlEye, both are actually supported on Linux. Their own game engine, Unreal Engine, does also support Linux too.

Recently The Verge did an interview with Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney, and this was mentioned:

Why is Fortnite still not playable on Steam Deck?

If we only had a few more programmers. It’s the Linux problem. I love the Steam Deck hardware. Valve has done an amazing job there; I wish they would get to tens of millions of users, at which point it would actually make sense to support it.

Worth noting back in September 2023, Epic Games let go over 800 people.

You may remember that back in 2022, Sweeney gave a pretty clear "no" to Fortnite support with Proton for Linux / Steam Deck, with Sweeney mentioning all the different Linux kernel combinations, especially with the size of Fortnite as a game it's a huge target for cheaters (and it's only gotten a lot bigger since then).

The other side though of course is the Epic Games Store, and how Epic sees Valve as a competitor. The issue claimed is the 30% cut that Valve take, but given how many resources Epic continue pouring into the Epic Games Store, through various exclusivity deals and free games, they're not going to turn around and put Fortnite onto Steam. Remember they actually pulled Rocket League and Fall Guys from Steam after acquiring them.

They wouldn't actually need to put it onto Steam for it to work on Linux / Steam Deck though, there's various ways to get the Epic Games Store on Linux and Fortnite already loads with Proton, it's just the anti-cheat blocking you actually playing it.

Really, the reality is simple and the quote above makes it clear. It's just a question of how much money Fortnite would make, and it would need to make a lot on Linux / Steam Deck. Once a platform is big enough, it won't be ignored. Money is the only priority, as seen when Epic decided to kill off Unreal Tournament.

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Corben Dec 13, 2023
Not commenting on Fortnite. but on the bright side, though delisted on Steam: Fall Guys is now a click-install-and-play experience. They added the Proton EasyAntiCheat Runtime dependency and the game already works (with less and less extra hassle) on Steam Deck and Linux for quite a while.

Imho it could become now a verified title for the Steam Deck. With Heroic it's still a bit more effort, but works as well once the extra steps for getting Epic Online Services installed are done. But if you prefer a simple solution, you can still get Fall Guys Steam keys online.
bisbyx Dec 13, 2023
Did everyone see the new Rocket League racing mode? And by that, I mean the new racing mini-game inside Fortnite. Fortnite is no longer a game, and is now a gaming ecosystem of its own.
The exclusivity they buy with Fortnite money for EGS is not to benefit the gamers, but to "benefit" the devs (if your game reaches less people, but you get paid anyway, do you care?) and to draw customers in themselves. Tim constantly says it's better for the gamers, but it's not. So at this point I just assume anything Tim says is about a "better experience" and assume it means "will make us money."
Villian Dec 13, 2023
Quoting: hardpenguinAh yes, how can Epic Games afford programmers, they only made * checks notes * $5.8 billion in 2022

they spend mostly of it buying free games, and by the state of epic game launcher, yeah, they don't have that much devs, or competend ones
Mal Dec 13, 2023
  • Supporter
Am I the only one here that thinks Linux is better without that stuff? I mean, I wouldn't be happy if my childrens were playing that game. And as far as adults go, ofc they can and should play whathever they want microtransactions or not... but this game seems to target and prey upon teens specifically.

But yeah, sooner or later, as the OS rise in popularity thrash and garbage will also start to be ported. Linux being open and free, nothing bars vultures like Epic to bring their addictive crap.

Last edited by Mal on 13 December 2023 at 5:31 pm UTC
Linux_Rocks Dec 13, 2023

Fortnite is shit anyways. lol
tfk Dec 13, 2023
Hey Sweeney, are you making a profit yet?
Pengling Dec 13, 2023
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  • Supporter
Quoting: gradyvuckovicI'm sure he'll have some other arbitrary bullshit excuse when Steam Deck has 20m+ users.
You're quite right, he will. As a Nintendo expatriate, this all looks awfully familiar: It's exactly the same PR scheme to encourage people to port-beg on social-media, thus get them to do free marketing at no cost to the company.

Don't fall for it, anybody.

Quoting: bisbyxDid everyone see the new Rocket League racing mode? And by that, I mean the new racing mini-game inside Fortnite. Fortnite is no longer a game, and is now a gaming ecosystem of its own.
Did you see the bug-fugly Lego Fortnite? It's Lego assets dumped into realistic-looking vistas, which completely defeats the point of it being Lego.

Clearly, Epic hired This Man. (Which, as we all know, is a problem. )
bacatta Dec 13, 2023
Can we know how many fortnite players are on Android ?
Nibelheim Dec 13, 2023
Don't worry Epic, I'll still continue to don't use your product and give my money to Valve.

It's YOUR choice. I'm ok with it.
Arehandoro Dec 13, 2023
Tim Iswhiny, more like.
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