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The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall remake Daggerfall Unity 1.0 out now

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Another really impressive project that just got a big final release is The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall game engine remake Daggerfall Unity which has hit the 1.0 meaning it's now complete!

With it you get the classic Daggerfall experience plus many enhancements:

  • Cross-platform without emulation (Windows/Linux/Mac).
  • Retro graphics are boosted by modern engine and lighting.
  • High resolution widescreen with classic style.
  • Optionally play in retro mode 320×200 or 640×400 with VGA palettes.
  • Optionally overhaul the graphics and gameplay with mods.
  • Huge draw distances even without mods.
  • Smooth first-person controls.
  • Quality of life enhancements.
  • Extensive mod support with an active creator community.
  • Translation support via community mods.

It does require a copy of the original DOS Daggerfall to run as that provides all necessary game assets such as textures, 3D models, and sound effects. Thankfully it's a free game nowadays, so you can just pinch it from Steam.

Lots of good mods available for it too like DREAM that remasters all the game assets including sound, music, videos & all graphics found in the game making it just that little bit more modern:

Note: while the code is open source it does still require the proprietary Unity game engine.

See more on GitHub and the official site.

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this is a nice game, but without such project, no way to play it today with the original gameplay (swinging the sword with mouse...what a mess)
Thanks to this project Daggerfall aged... Surprisingly well? It's just very much different to everything Elder Scrolls that came after. Huge, and I mean HUGE open world, lots of procedural generation, interactions and politics in the ever changing world and more.

Morrowind is a game from my era and Oblivion is my favorite so I always had difficulty getting into Daggerfall which was less streamlined. Now enjoying it thanks to this project. DF Unity is a godsend.

All 5 mainline TES games are fully playable on Steam on Linux btw:

- Arena - Dosbox through Luxtorpeda
- Daggerfall - DF Unity through Luxtorpeda
- Morrowind - OpenMW through Luxtorpeda
- Oblivion - Proton
- Skyrim (both legacy version and current Special/Anniversary Edition) - Proton

And then TES: Online and TES: Legends, also work great with Proton.
Jpxe Jan 3
If you own the game on Steam you can easily install this engine with the tool Luxtorpeda
Trias Jan 4
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  • Supporter
Luxtorpeda is a strange bit of software. Claims to be compiled for Steam Runtime Sniper environment but tries to download Steam Runtime Scout during installation...

Last edited by Trias on 4 January 2024 at 5:10 pm UTC
ugly Jan 6
Quoting: Para-Glidingthis is a nice game, but without such project, no way to play it today with the original gameplay (swinging the sword with mouse...what a mess)
I loved the swinging weapons with a mouse. I remember being disappointed when Morrowing came out and your attacks were just based on pressing a button and which direction you were moving.

As lame as it was, it sort of made you feel a part of the action. Especially when an enemy came up on you suddenly and you had to swing around in a panic.
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