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After a while of no updates to the actual ISO download of HoloISO, the creator of this SteamOS-like Linux distribution has announced the original is now dead. As it's being replaced by the newer immutable HoloISO.

The developer put up a PSA (public service announcement) on the original HoloISO GitHub page, and archived it so it will no longer see any updates at all and you cannot get support for it. They said the new immutable HoloISO is now "ready to be used as a daily-driving distribution".

What is an immutable operating system? Think like SteamOS and Fedora Silverblue. The idea is to give a read-only filesystem that gets replaced on updates. It's supposed to keep things more secure and stable, plus easier updates since it just replaces the main system.

HoloISO itself is designed to give you a close-enough version of SteamOS to use on other systems, and so the new immutable HoloISO should hopefully be more reliable. It's what AYANEO were going to put on the AYANEO NEXT LITE but they've since backtracked.

There's no current way to upgrade an existing HoloISO system to the new way it's run, but the developer mentioned they're currently figuring out the best approach to it. Update: 30/01/24 - version 1.1 now release supports migrating.

New releases will be on this GitHub with issues reporting on a separate GitHub.

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Quoting: GuestI can have whatever opinion I want about software I use without you telling me what I should think.
Um, no. You can have whatever opinion you want, and indeed state it. But by the same token, just as you are telling other people what they should think, they can also tell you what to think. You don't get to have it only go one way. Really, this sounds amazingly bad from someone who just a couple posts ago was telling people
Quoting: GuestWhat an asinine remark.
I think maybe people who live in asinine houses shouldn't throw stones.
Quoting: GuestYou know exactly what I mean by the statement.
I was doing you the courtesy of assuming you meant what you said--a courtesy you are clearly not extending to me. Good day, sir.
It's hard to take people seriously when comments are basically 'Windows good, Linux bad' --

I felt this was a good counter-argument:

Quoting: Purple Library GuyThe Windows UI works badly for that use case [Small form factor touch devices]

Quoting: Purple Library Guyit's [...] closed source and controlled by a vast unresponsive corporation

Another gem, imagine [Valve] wanting to be business partner with a company [Microsoft] that (1) doesn't care what Valve wants and (2) wants you dead (so Microsoft Windows Store can have 100% of profits and answer to no one.)

Quoting: Purple Library Guy
Quoting: GuestA locked down linux distro is no different than using a proprietary distro

That statement is categorically false. It most certainly is very different. [...] GPL

This was a fantastic counter-argument as well. SteamOS and Linux-distros can be legally forked and developed by anyone for any reason or for no particular reason either. Microsoft Windows cannot be forked, it's (1) take it or (2) leave it -- and, if they do things users don't like user's options are (1) whine harder into the void or (2) be quit about it, or (3) take it. "No different" lmao. What bad faith of a self acclaimed expert.

Quoting: Purple Library GuyIf someone wanted to [...] release a version that was identical to SteamOS [...] but not immutable, there is nothing to stop them.

As it was pointed out above in the thread, SteamOS immutability can be turned off. It's literally just Arch-Linux but frozen with extras. I literally had turned off the immutability when I was modding my SteamOS for research purposes.

And I'm sure if I added the official mirrors to `/etc/pacman.conf` `/etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist` and did a software update `pacman -Syu` it would diverge in the same way that I turned Sabayon into a Gentoo back in the day simply by using `emerge`.


His avatar is literally the Wayland Logo in a trash can, he obviously has strong opinions and is quick to judge -- but the real funny part is when people are willing to dish out harsh criticism but can't take their own medicine.

Paper skin, glass homes.

But hey 'Wind0ze good, Lunix bad' -- is basically a straw-man -- I'll take that claim any day because it's a "belief" that's extremely easy to defeat using logic and reasoning similar to "one size fits all" -- it's not even offensive -- it just comes off as Microsoft shill bate, gatekeepers angry at the influx of new people, and an inferior enemy (Microsoft) loosing the battle.

And as for his 'I'm a great Linux Warrior of many years and da open source' claims -- his profile is set to private, and I would like to know exactly what "Great battles" and "Great achievements" he was referencing. Like okay move over Lennart Poettering, if you want to be a aggro belligerent genius with a narcissism personality disorder -- that's fine by me -- people will tolerate you to an extent -- but _only_ if you deliver. So far all the logical arguments are "not delivering" and "not standing up" at all -- which makes it baseless vitrol. So far, in the end everyone's time was wasted, the popcorn eaters got theirs, and I guess the recompensation would be the "fitness gains" of another walk in the park debate, piece of cake.
damarrin Jan 31
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Quoting: Guest
Quoting: damarrinMaking SteamOS read/write doesn't solve your problem? An OS update will wipe your changes, but that'll just make you better prepared to redeploy your software.
What an asinine remark. If microsoft said that to developers they would be hanged at the gallows.

Quoting: damarrinAlso, "SteamOS being immutable is the absolute worst part of steam deck": well, perhaps for you, but for the vast, vast majority of SD users it's either irrelevant or very beneficial, depending how you look at it.
And the vast majority of steam deck users would benefit if steam deck ran windows by default instead of steamos. A locked down linux distro is no different than using a proprietary distro, or even android. Why even bother with linux at all if you remove all aspects that makes it linux? you are turning linux into android.

Haha, you are clearly lost. Let me point the way for you: www.microsoft.com
Quoting: ElectricPrismAnd as for his 'I'm a great Linux Warrior of many years and da open source' claims

He claims he has used Linux longer than me without knowing how long I have used Linux. If that's not a sign of talking out of his butt, I don't know what is.
Quoting: GuestI have used linux since the 90s, you most likely haven't.

The joke is on you then. I taught Linux at a college in 1999 after having used it for some years. I worked at an ISP before that that had many servers using Linux, BSD, Irix. Before that, my first introduction to Linux was in 1994 because it was used on one of the terminals I used to dial into for email, irc, usenet etc. This was not the norm. Many systems at the time still used operating systems like Vax. Sadly I could not install Linux on my Amiga then, but the GNU tools were ported, so I got familiar that way before my first PC a year or two later.

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Eike Feb 1
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Quoting: GuestYou have no right to talk about what belongs in the linux community

Quoting: GuestI dont know why you are so mad that people have their own opinions.
Eike Feb 1
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Quoting: Guest
Quoting: Eike
Quoting: GuestYou have no right to talk about what belongs in the linux community

Quoting: GuestI dont know why you are so mad that people have their own opinions.
>shut up, people with opinions like yours dont belong in the linux community
>under what authority do you tell people where they belong or not?
I rephrased it for you if you didn't get it the first time

I totally understood what you said: You're entitled to an opinion, others (at your choice) are not. The following is enough answer to what you said:

Quoting: GuestI dont know why you are so mad that people have their own opinions.

Last edited by Eike on 1 February 2024 at 5:19 pm UTC
Eike Feb 1
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Quoting: GuestThe first quote was a meta question, trying to silence others

And that's the problem.
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