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Lots of exciting updates coming to the free & open source RPG Veloren

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Veloren, the free and open source action-adventure role-playing voxel game made in Rust keeps evolving. Since its last public v0.15 release in July 2023, much has changed and lots of improvements were made so far.

This is a compilation of what is considered important by the core contributors on the game so far:

  • Discord links and Gitlab merge requests to have bi-directional linking for better tracking of feature requests.
  • A draft version of a Roadmap was added to Gitlab defining priorities and project focus.
  • Translation can now be done through Weblate, and it is fully integrated with the project Gitlab.
  • A branch was created for food diversification so, expect a lot of new foods to be implemented in-game.
  • Craftable shovels used to dig up mud and graves for loot.
  • Network Library update.
  • Locations now available during character selection.
  • Better cursor locking on Wayland.
  • Singleplayer map GUI with map selection for easier world selection.
  • Frost Giga boss rework and testing.
  • Toolchain update to keep it as compatible as possible with all OSs supported.
  • Melee, Projectile and Beam attacks benefit on critical by precision when attacking from behind, or partial precision when attacking from sides. Aiming for the head with projectiles can also trigger precision events that will lead to critical hits.
  • Server configuration settings moved from server/server_config/settings.ron:metrics_address to server-cli/settings.ron:web_address
  • A merge was made to enable plugin-defined items for those who want to modify the game.
  • WGPU added support to OpenGL3.3 so, if you have a more modest PC with no Vulkan support, you might be able to run Veloren, while modern PCs running Vulkan or DirectX 12 will see a slightly increase in performance.
  • Cliff towns and mesa biomes (those look beautiful),
  • More potions were added to the game.
  • Fixes related to armor buffs. 
  • Re-enabling kelp on sea and crustaceous taming. 
  • Wiki tool integration to track drop related data from mobs showing item name, rarity (percentage) and quantity.
  • Over the shoulder aiming for ranged attacks, customizable in the game settings. This was done because the contributors didn't like the way third person camera handled aiming. This implementation ended up fixing some crosshair issues as well.

While it is hard to provide a curated list of everything that was implemented, these are some "minor" implementations that are scattered throughout all the blog updates and reflect the constant maintenance of the project and their continuous effort in making this game awesome:

  • Mob related improvements: new mobs, AI, models, code refactor, random bugfixes like "division by zero", item quantity display, animations, pet bugs, etc).
  • Updates in scenario related stuff (points of interest, outpost, abandoned ruins, vampire castles, terracota ruins, airships, textures, etc).
  • World generation overall fixes.
  • Seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas.
  • Shaders, test on rendering algorithms, faster colour mapping, screenshot conversion optimization, performance optimizations overall.
  • Loads of translation fixes, group and NPC chat fixes, death message improvements.
  • Unmerged fixes, which are the ones that might land in game soon or need further testing.

Truly amazing how quickly this game is evolving lately and the passion of the contributors to keep improving the game in every aspect.

Source: Compilation of the "Two Weeks In Veloren" blog series up to week 226.

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Julius Feb 28
Time for a new release I guess, even though with Airshipper updating to weekly builds it doesn't really matter that much for existing players.
Tchey Feb 28
It’s a very nice project, and yet, each time i try, it feels extremely clunky and "alpha", not a "ready to play for everyone product". And it’s perfectly fine.
Mnoleg Feb 29
  • Better cursor locking on Wayland.
YES!!! This is the reason I had to take the kid's console back to X11. The people behind this project are AWESOME.
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