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Move over Diablo 4 and Path of Exile as Last Epoch 1.0 is here

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Ready for your next action RPG? Diablo and Path of Exile fans may want to take a look at Last Epoch, which has finally left Early Access with the 1.0 update and there's plenty to love about it. Truthfully, I can't even remember how I got my copy it's been so many years. 

The 1.0 patch notes are pretty long but the gist of it is full controller support, an offline mode, new cinematics, various graphical improvements, the Item Factions system, new skills and absolutely loads more.

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“I want to sincerely thank all of our fans from the bottom of our hearts,” said Judd Cobler, Founder and CEO of Eleventh Hour Games, and Game Director for Last Epoch. “We are a team formed from the ARPG community, and to be able to make it this far with Last Epoch and share this creation with you is a dream come true. We cannot wait for you to experience the full release and the awesome plans we have for the future.”

Last Epoch has Native Linux support and it does work on Steam Deck, although Valve note it as Unsupported on Steam Deck that rating was from May 2022 so they need to update it. There are some issues in the default OpenGL version though like the map being blank, which you can get around simply with "-force-vulkan" as a launch option in Steam. Go into the Properties and put that in the Launch Options text box.

I also had no sound by default on Kubuntu which was solved using the same method as War Thunder using this Steam launch option:

FMOD_ALSA_DEVICE=pulse %command% -force-vulkan 

Check out the 1.0 patch video if you're a previous player:

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So far it's proven to be popular with it hitting a peak player count on Steam of over 150,000 players which has clearly beaten Diablo 4 and it's closing in on Path of Exile's all-time Steam record quickly. It currently has a Very Positive overall user rating on Steam too, although the recent reviews are only Mostly Positive which seems to be due to server issues so it will probably bounce-back once they're fully sorted.

Available to buy on Steam.

Let me know how you're getting on with it in the comments.

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sudoer Feb 23
Kubuntu? That's news to me Weren't you using Fedora?
Tchey Feb 23
Quoting: GuestNo issues with the native Linux version so far and yes, I am enjoying it :).

You have the Offline option in Steam ? I don’t, only if i switch and force Proton.

Or you have the Offline on the main screen once ingame ? Then it’s different from Windows offline option access.
Jarmer Feb 23
The offline modes are extremely confusing, here's my understanding of the 3 different game modes the game currently has:

1) online-online - this is basically the same as any normal online game mode. You can do a global chat, team up with friends, trade, join the merchant guild, etc... Must be connected to good internet and select a good game server with low ping (doesn't exist right now, all servers are on fire due to player demand)

2) online-offline - extremely confusing mode by the devs. If you are in the main menu, and see a server selection with ping, and a "submit bug report" button on the bottom left, you will also see a "play offline" button on this screen. THIS IS NOT OFFLINE. You are still connected to game servers, you can still chat in the global chat, you must still have a solid internet connection, BUT you cannot join up with other players in-game, and you cannot join the merchant guild, stuff like that. In my opinion, the devs just need to totally remove this entire gameplay mode. I *think* the only reason this exists is so that "offline" players can do globat chat. Ask questions, get advice on builds, help on crafting, stuff like that. The confusion of these modes isn't worth that IMO.

3) offline-offline - this is ONLY accessible by launching the game from the steam "play game" button and then via the popup there choosing "fully offline" or by going into the game preferences, and choosing this "fully offline" mode from the drop down menu for launch options. This does not connect to any servers, there is no chat, no internet requirement, nothing at all. This is the normal offline mode everyone expects, but most don't even know exists. You will know you are in this mode if there is no server listing, and no "submit bug report" button on the main menu.

Originally, post the 1.0 launch, my game was bugged and I could not get option 3 from above to work. With the help of the steam community, I found the glitch was the steam cloud saves. I disabled that and cleared all local game files and it works wonderfully.

They are doing super fast updates to the game now, so those modes above could change in the future (I hope they do) ... but at least for now that's how I understand them to work.

Last edited by Jarmer on 23 February 2024 at 6:51 pm UTC
rw Feb 23
Please be aware that this game is an absolute mess on the Steamdeck currently and you will not be able to have a good experience (any experience really). The Controller Support isn't really there yet and the game crashes quite often and will sometimes even lock up the deck. The 'Unsupported' tag is absolutely warranted.

I have bought this game back in 2018 so what is one year more for me, but if you're on a Deck and considering to buy it now, it suggest you wait for the first sale after Valve have given it its stamp of approval.
ripper81358 Feb 25
This game is a bad joke on linux regardless of the fact that it has been released as Version 1.0 now. At least on an AMD GPU (RX 6700 XT with MESA 24.0.1) at 1080p it is unplayable. Minimap and Overlaymap are broken. Performance is horrible with stuttering regardless of the overall qualitysettings. UI effects like loading indicator on the loadingscreen are absent.

I know the game works better on Nvidia GPU'S but the steamstorepage mentions support for AMD GPU'S. I wonder if this game was tested on AMD GPU's at all before release. Perhaps they tested it with the proprietary OpenGL Driver. However with MESA Drivers this is not enjoyable right now.

Last edited by ripper81358 on 25 February 2024 at 1:07 pm UTC
STiAT Mar 18
Still buggy as hell in offline mode... does loose items, crafting materials, gold on every game exit.
Jarmer Mar 18
I've now leveled to 70 in offline mode and had none of those things. Working wonderfully to me, and still loving playing it every single day. I have lost no items, materials, or gold.
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