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Nintendo goes after Switch emulator yuzu in new lawsuit

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Well, here we go. Nintendo have formally filed a lawsuit against the creators of the popular open source Switch emulator yuzu. Nintendo certainly aren't holding back on this one either.

Looking over the document filed February 26th, Nintendo give an example in their complaint with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom saying that it was "unlawfully distributed a week and a half before its release by Nintendo" and that copies of it were "successfully downloaded from pirate websites over one million times before the game was published and made available for lawful purchase by Nintendo".

A major part of the argument is how Nintendo say that "Yuzu unlawfully circumvents the technological measures on Nintendo Switch games and allows for the play of encrypted Nintendo Switch games on devices other than a Nintendo Switch". Nintendo go on to talk about how yuzu allows working around all the protections they put in place, and that "to be clear, there is no lawful way to use Yuzu to play Nintendo Switch games, including because it must decrypt the games’ encryption".

To work yuzu needs certain things from a Switch console, of which the early models had an exploit where this was possible. The yuzu install guide mentions specifically you need a "HACKABLE Nintendo Switch", which Nintendo argue in the suit that "Users obtain the prod.keys either through unlawful websites or by unlawfully hacking a Nintendo Switch console". Because of how yuzu works Nintendo state it "turns general computing devices into tools for massive intellectual property infringement of Nintendo and others’ copyrighted works".

What's not particularly great for the yuzu team is a quote included in the suit from the project lead Bunnei, where Nintendo quote Bunnei saying "users probably just pirate a yuzu folder with everything" when replying to another user about the Quickstart Guide as it can be confusing for people. For context, this is a quote from the yuzu Discord server, but a follow-up post from another developer mentions directly after it "just to clarify on that last statement, we do not endorse, nor support piracy and the users who do won't receive assistance". Still, it's giving Nintendo easy ammo.

Nintendo are going after damages (which look to be quite high in monies), plus they want the yuzu website domain transferred to Nintendo control and the total shut down of yuzu as a whole.

This is going to get messy for yuzu, and for the future of emulation.

Via Stephen Totilo on X.

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14 Mar 2
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Quoting: RawToast225imo nintendo can fuck all the way off
Ah, you mean you don't want their systems or games to exist anymore? Yeah, that would be one solution. I bet everyone would be pleased! /s

I wonder if the same people that feel righteous in saying artists deserve pay for their work also turn around and pirate games they've never paid for.

Want to play a game you paid for on a different device it was made for? I can see that argument. Want to buy a game that the publisher won't sell to your region? I can see that argument, too. Want to be a cheap ass and steal things you're unwilling to pay for? I have no respect.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I think Nintendo's request to take ownership of yuzu is absurd. Reminds me when Yamaha took over a forum for a really stupid naming reason, and then they shut it down like pricks.

Last edited by 14 on 2 March 2024 at 3:06 am UTC
dvd Mar 5
Quoting: elmapulhonestly this incident just show how important an device like the steam deck is.

1)we arent locked to valve to make an device running linux (unlike nintendo and their proprietary OS)
2)we arent locked to valve to make an OS based on linux (unlike windows)
3)we arent forced to purchase games from valve on steamOS (unlike consoles and iOS devices)
4)we arent locked to valve to fix our devices (unlike some phone manufactors)
5)we arent locked to valve to make accessories
and so on, i can continue for longer and longer to point is:

if companies like Nintendo succeed, we will lose access to more and more media over time, it might sound impossible now, but we saw that happening with many MMOS, we have some lost media in old games, and cloud is a big menace on our future (eg: cloud exclusive games)

if only we had an publisher that made alternative games to nintendo games, capable of outputing the same ammount of games as then, with games that are different enough to no count as plagiarism, but similliar enough to compete for the same audience while at the same time, they could make better games than nintendo, as well as make high quality original games instead of just imitations, if we had all of this with an company that was actually ethical...
nintendo would be forced to improve.

meanwhile, we have things like this...

Yet the average gamer is/user is perfectly fine that DRM infests their computer to play their games/netflix. While I agree the doomsday scenario where all entertainment is locked behind bullshit copyright/patent laws sounds awful, i also think that some of the purchasing decisions we as video game players make are unfortunate.

The "bad" apples are succesful only because most of the gamers don't care about anything, they'd pay for their favourite game even it had a built-in keylogger, or they'd have to pay per click.
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