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Valve announced that Proton 9.0 is now available for testing, with lots of game compatibility improvements for Steam Deck and Desktop Linux thanks to it now being based on the recent Wine 9.0 release.

How to get it? Simply search for Proton 9.0 in your Steam Library (not the Steam Store!), and select to install it. Exactly the same on Steam Deck or Desktop Linux. You can also try this link to directly install it.

Then you can selectively set games to Proton 9.0 in the Properties -> Compatibility options for each game.

Valve said that the public beta will be "updated more regularly with regression fixes prior to the Proton 9.0-1 release". If you have any problems be sure to note them on the official Proton GitHub. How to properly report issues? Check my previous guide on it.

All the current changes for the first Proton 9.0 Beta release:

  • Now playable:
    • Dinogen Online
    • Photography Simulator Demo
  • Previously playable on Proton Experimental:
    • George McGeehan Gamer Hero
    • The Finals
    • True Reporter. Mystery of Mistwood
    • Road to Vostok Demo
    • Lord of the Rings: Gollum
  • Fixed Brawhalla showing a security certificate warning.
  • Started ignoring system mouse acceleration when using raw input API.
  • Fixed TouHou Makuka Sai ~ Fantastic Danmaku Festival Part I and II crashing during boss fights.
  • Fixed crash in Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories epilogue.
  • Improved video playback in BIOMUTANT.
  • Fixed Imperiums: Greek Wars launcher.
  • Fixed memory leaks that caused Final Fantasy XIV Online launcher crash over long time.
  • Fixed crash in Microsoft Flight Simulator when live weather is enabled.
  • Improved support for input devices with 8+ axes.
  • Fixed Savant - Ascent REMIX hitching during certain animations.
  • Fixed Super Robot Wars 30 crashing with languages other than English.
  • Fixed Doom Eternal audio crackling on certain setups.
  • Fixed Lethal Company, Phasmophobia and other Unity games crashing when a controller with a hat switch is plugged in.
  • Improved video playback for the following titles: Lords of the Fallen, Harvestella, and Wayfinder, Sea of Thieves, KING OF FIGHTERS XV.
  • Default scaling fixed for The Last Game on Steam Deck
  • Fixed audio issues when playing intro video in Airborne Kingdom.
  • Fixed Bayonetta crashing on certain systems.
  • Fixed Escape from Monkey Island getting minimized on a mouse click.
  • Fixed audio controls and spatialization in VRChat with AVPro.
  • Updated file distribution method to save disk space.
  • Rebased on top of upstream Wine 9.0.
  • Updated vkd3d-proton to v2.11.1-49-g32ff676b.
  • Updated dxvk to v2.3-47-ge2a46a34.
  • Updated dxvk-nvapi to v0.6.4-48-g0951afb.

Full changelog on GitHub.

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whizse Feb 27
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  • Supporter
Quoting: sonic2kkBuilds of Proton that use Wine 9.x with Wayland enabled (as in enabled at build time and also properly enabled in the prefix), are able to use the Wayland backend, but seemingly not within Steam for some reason.
Probably missing the necessary Wayland libs in the steam-runtime container.
sonic2kk Feb 27
Quoting: whizseProbably missing the necessary Wayland libs in the steam-runtime container.

This sounds very likely. And in that case, I don't think even running wthout the Steam Linux Runtime could solve it (it's possible to do this by wrapping the launch command, but it is not a good idea) since I believe Proton is built against the same runtime. So therefore when Proton is being built it would lack the libraries, even if Valve did build with the Wayland flag.

Wine-tkg-git's Ubuntu CI builds don't have the Wayland libraries, and so they fail to build the Wayland backend ( Frogging-Family/wine-tkg-git/Wine Ubuntu CI#1920 ). So I think what you said sounds very reasonable.

And probably if I had to guess, these libraries are missing because right now there isn't quite enough justification to build with the Wayland driver enabled. Not to dilute any of the fantastic work that has gone into making the driver as impressive as it is now (and getting it upstreamed in such a short timespan!) but it isn't complete yet, it's still a feature you have to go out of your way to enable to begin with too. Once it's more "default" I could see Valve at least allowing it behind a Proton environment variable if absolutely necessary ("PROTON_USE_WAYLAND=1" ? ). Or maybe it would be something you have to disable, perhaps some games won't play nice with the Wayland driver for a while!

Last edited by sonic2kk on 27 February 2024 at 10:20 pm UTC
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