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Nightdive Studios have announced their System Shock remake is set for a huge update arriving on April 11th, that will make it a whole lot better for everyone, especially Steam Deck players.

Some of the major additions include a female Hacker added as a playable character, a rework of the final fight with "new mechanics and a unique flow", Cloud Sync support to pick up and continue on any machine, Alpha Strain enemies have a new attack, Avian Mutant enemies have a new attack, continued refinements to enemy AI and behaviours, some improvement animations, better gamepad handling, crash bug fixes and a whole lot more.

A fun one for Steam Deck players is that they specifically noted "Major optimizations across the entire game — Steam Deck users rejoice!"

Quite glad I've held off on a full play-through, as all the additions and tweaks sound fantastic. Currently System Shock is rated Steam Deck Playable and Gold on ProtonDB (but overall appears to work great with Proton).

You can buy it from:


Humble Store


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I'm sure the gamepad update was required because of the console release, but it's another blessing for those playing on Deck

Last edited by buckysrevenge on 5 April 2024 at 3:23 pm UTC
Still no support for AZERTY and other layouts where the number row has the numbers in the "shifted" layer...

If they had kept using Unity instead of switching to UE4, I'd be able to play that game and I wouldn't have refunded it on release day.
Promised Linux port (and a stretch goal) passed in around 1 million IIRC, when?
Shmerl Apr 5
Optimizing UE4 sounds impossible, but if the could improve anything - that's good.

Last edited by Shmerl on 5 April 2024 at 4:05 pm UTC
Was one of my fav games from last year, I've never played the original so I have nothing to compare however

The gamepad improvements will definitely be appreciated, the controller support definitely wasn't up to snuff for their upcoming console launch

Still waiting on their remaster of SS2 that I'm meant to get for free for preordering the remake. Never played SS2 either so looking forward to that.

I loved bioshock back when I played it in 2008 but now I realise it's very console like and slimmed down in comparison haha still love it though
That thumbnail makes me happy.

They should just rehire 2K for SS2, System Shock and Bio Shock are siblings after all from the same developers.

Edit: For people who don't know 2K was based in Marin California, and the inspiration for the games is basically Eugenices -- same for the movie Gattica.

Additionally, the MK Ultra (Mind Kontrol) experiments occurred in the San Francisco Bay Area which includes Marin as per the document leak.

It all coincides with the West "buying up" all the LSD on the planet in the 1960s and the cult experiments that were done.

The MK's are worth a read. No wonder the horrors of such ideology translated so perfectly into System Shock and Bio Shock.

Edit 2: If memory serves me right, for all you UK'ers out there there was a connection between those things and Pink Floyd lead singer, the symbolism is very apparant in Pink Floyd "The Trial" music video from that time.

Last edited by ElectricPrism on 5 April 2024 at 9:32 pm UTC
a0kami Apr 5
shout-out to Nightdive Studios, huge work on the remake, it's dope
Phlebiac Apr 5
Something about the screenshot struck me as off; I finally realized the thumb should be over the ring finger, not the index finger. Or am I the only one whose hands simply don't work that way?
tuubi Apr 5
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Quoting: PhlebiacSomething about the screenshot struck me as off; I finally realized the thumb should be over the ring finger, not the index finger. Or am I the only one whose hands simply don't work that way?
My wife thought it was very funny when she caught me flipping the bird at my screen, but I got curious: Apparently my thumb rests more naturally on the index finger, similar to that shot. I guess some of us have thumbs that are just slightly less opposable.
denyasis Apr 6
I highly recommend playing this game! It's a great remake, although I will admit I have some nostalgia for the original series from when I was a child.

As much as I loved SS2, I always felt it transitioned from survival horror to regular shooter to its determent, the beginning of that game was terrifying.

Last edited by denyasis on 6 April 2024 at 12:41 am UTC
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