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Love deep sprawling roguelike RPGs? Check out The Doors of Trithius

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The Doors of Trithius from Jake Donkersgoed is a deep sprawling roguelike RPG currently in Early Access and it really looks worth a look. Sometime last year the developer added a Native Linux version too! For players who enjoy games like ADOM, Stoneshard, Tales of Maj'Eyal and anything similar you will probably feel quite at home with this one.

"The Doors of Trithius combines classic roguelike ruthlessness with the freedom and depth of an expansive, open-world RPG. Explore a vast, procedurally generated world that doesn't hold your hand. Here you'll need all your skill and strategic prowess to overcome the ancient dungeons, faction armies, and wandering behemoths found in the unpredictable and mysterious realm of Enalia."

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While it's in Early Access, there's already a huge amount of content to play through. More about it:

Game World

  • Random Generation: Each adventure is unique as towns, dungeons, and the world map are newly generated on every playthrough.
  • Exploration: Navigate a vast, dangerous world where survival is key. Establish campsites, forage for sustenance, and manage your weariness to endure the wilderness. Every tile on the world map can be explored and persists across time.
  • Varied Enemy Types: Over 100 unique enemy types with customized AI challenge your skills and adaptability.
  • Challenging Dungeons: Test your mettle against 8 unique dungeon types, each with custom layouts and room types, including castles, caves, fortresses, hideouts, and temples.

Combat & Skills

  • Turn-Based Combat: Our tick-based time system brings a fresh twist to turn-based combat. Turn priority hinges on your movement, weapon speed, and action speed, emphasizing the importance of tactical decisions.
  • Combat Options: Customize your strategy with over 200 combat abilities, and 12 weapon skill types, each with a unique playstyle.
  • Skills: Experience 14 non-combat skills such as Medicine, Alchemy, Quartermastery, Athletics, and Reading. Level skills through use and strategic focus point allocation, unlocking abilities and passives to tailor your character to your playstyle.

Progression & Customization

  • Expansive Loot: Hundreds of items including potions, armor, recipes, and in-game readable lore books. Stumble upon rare enchantments or learn to enchant your items yourself.
  • Questing: Complete quests for rewards and to increase your reputation among the locals, unlocking exclusive benefits. On top of the hand-designed quests, towns and cities generate dynamic quests based on NPC roles in each town.
  • In-Depth Crafting: Craft food, potions and medicine; upgrade and maintain your armor with salvaged materials. Enhance your crafting skills by purchasing or finding recipe scrolls.
  • Character Customization: Shape your character's destiny with 7 background choices and over 30 starting traits.

Check it out on Steam.

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scaine May 20
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Mega Supporter
Please be good, please be good, please be good!

Been a while since I played Tales of Maj'Eyal. After 300 or so hours and its frankly aged GUI, I moved on. But this... this could be the successor! Please be good.
Nezchan May 20
I'm a little concerned about "a vast, procedurally generated world that doesn't hold your hand" because the former often means "shallow worldbuilding" and the latter "no effort to do signposting".

Like much as I love Caves of Qud, the procedurally generated towns are just remixes of each other without a lot of depth, so there's no point talking to anyone besides the questgiver and maybe a merchant. It's the designed locations like Grit Gate that are worth looking into. As to the latter, I'm fine with not having overlays that tell you exactly where to go to accomplish every little thing, but it's easy to go overboard and give *no* direction, which can be very frustrating.

I hope it doesn't take either of those too far, but having them as up-front selling points does make me concerned.
Skills like "Reading". Yay literacy! Well, it can be surprisingly useful in these dangerous places.
Without reading skill: OK, this door opens to a little cubicle, and things that go in are gone when you close the door and open it again. Probably a teleporter that can get me to the next section.
With reading skill: The sign says "Disintegrator".
Tchey May 21
Played an early version back en 2022 (version 4.7 i think), was great already, even if a bit empty and repetitive and unbalanced. It was about 10-15 hours to complete, at that time.

Feels like something inbetween Daggerfall and Stoneshard. Can be worst.

Last edited by Tchey on 21 May 2024 at 9:08 am UTC
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