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The Humble Choice bundle is up for January with 12 games to pick from

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Humble Choice (formerly Humble Monthly) has a new set of games up for January and this time there's 12 to pick from.

Each month, Humble put out a selection of games and depending on what tier of Choice you're on, you get to pick between 3-9 games to keep. The selection for January isn't great for Linux supported titles, but you may get on well if you make use of Steam Play Proton. Here's what you can pick from for January's Humble Choice:

  • Graveyard Keeper - Linux supported
  • Two Point Hospital - Linux supported
  • Unrailed! - Has a Linux Beta
  • Them's Fightin' Herds - coming to Linux.
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War
  • Dirt Rally 2.0 + 3 DLC
  • Street Fighter 5
  • Bad North: Jotunn Edition
  • Trailmakers
  • Whispers of a Machine
  • Mages of Mystralia
  • GRIP: Combat Racing + Artifex DLC

On top of that you also get a Humble Store discount between 10-20%, access to all you can eat DRM-free titles in the Humble Trove (there's a lot of games there) and a few original games Humble publish each month with it.

If you're interested, you can see more about it here.

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PixelDrop 3 Jan, 2020
I skipped last months since there was nothing for me... I'm thinking I may pause again this month too. Looking at I'm basically paying normal sale prices for the couple of games I'd actually want and even though I get a bunch of games I could sale/trade I've never found a good way to sale/trade steam keys that isn't just a massive time sink and not worth it in the long run.
dibz 3 Jan, 2020
I'll probably pick this month up since I don't have most of the key titles in the lineup. But man was that first month a downer, I can't imagine too many people out there didn't have most of the interesting games from that lineup already.

I paused last month as I imagine many people did to hold on to their pricing, but save this month, I can't see me hanging around too long before actually-cancelling and never looking at HumbleChoice again. I wish they'd just stuck with the old format.
scaine 3 Jan, 2020
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Just in case anyone is interested, here's the ProtonDB ratings of the Windows-only titles:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Gold
Dirt Rally 2.0 + 3 DLC - Gold
Street Fighter 5 - Borked (such irony, considering it was meant to be native...)
Bad North: Jotunn Edition - Platinum
Trailmakers - Gold
Whispers of a Machine - Platinum
Mages of Mystralia - Gold (but only one report, over a year ago)
GRIP: Combat Racing + Artifex DLC - Gold

I think I'll go with it this month, since I don't have any of these games, and a couple of them look pretty sweet (Graveyard Keeper, Mages, Whisper).
Phlebiac 4 Jan, 2020
Silly me, I thought the "Classic" plan still meant you get all the games; claimed 10 before I realized there were more than the limit this time! At least I wasn't disappointed with what I left out, although I might have been more careful if I had been paying attention.

Quoting: PixelDropI've never found a good way to sale/trade steam keys that isn't just a massive time sink and not worth it in the long run.

Someone else here suggested a while back, and I've gotten some decent trades there.
toojays 4 Jan, 2020
Looks like a decent bundle to me, the big let down being SFV being unplayable on Linux (although I already have it anyway). is an okay way to trade, but one problem is that most of the active users regularly get the Humble Monthly. So everyone is trying to get rid of the same stuff. That should improve as people lapse from Humble Classic I guess.

Regardless, this month I might try pausing and just trade unwanted games from last month for the couple I do want (Two Point and Whispers).
crones 4 Jan, 2020
I made some decent deals on barter and can unreservably recommend trading over there. remember we are talking about keys that are absolutely of no use to you, and if you link your wishlist to it you can get at least something that is somewhat interesting to you.
fenevadkan 4 Jan, 2020
what 2 games do you guys are gonna skip out of the 12?
it is hard to decide, I narrowed them down to 3:

1. Whispers of a Machine - I don like point and click games, but on the otherhand this could be a gem among them, and with a good sci-fi story
2. Them's Fighting Herd - I dont like so much the cartoonish look, and that there are only ugly animals and I have already skullgirls which is said to be similar, on the otherhand it has very good ratings
3. Street Fighter V - which is Borked on proton, on the otherhand has more $ value and playtime, there are people there over 1000+ hours

Hmm, hard to decide.
I was also a bit shocked, I also thought that old Classic subscriptions will get all the games.
bidinou 4 Jan, 2020
Too bad I unsubscribed a few months back... Oh well... I don't have time to play anyway :D
toojays 4 Jan, 2020
Quoting: fenevadkanwhat 2 games do you guys are gonna skip out of the 12?
it is hard to decide, I narrowed them down to 3
I reckon Whispers got a good review from John Walker at Rock Paper Shotgun when it came out, maybe worth looking for that.

SFV has people with heaps of hours doing online multiplayer. Possibly also a little grinding to earn in game currency for new cosmetics, I forget.

Personally I'd keep Whispers. SFV would probably be easiest to trade though.
Lolo01 5 Jan, 2020
I didn't keep SF V (doesn't work) and Unrailed! (don't like online game. In fact i don't have friend to play with :P )
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The comments on this article are closed.