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Another Four Classic Games Available On Linux Thanks To GOG

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We have another four classic games that have gained Linux support thanks to, our collection seems to be growing nicely with them!

Master of Magic (English, French, German)
The Voodoo Priestess has called upon undead warriors. The Chaos Master is summoning a doom drake. Cities are being consumed by the plague. What are you going to do? Play your role in this clash between wizards, command your troops and conquer other countries, destroy all who stand in your way or be the first who casts the legendary Spell of Mastery! This is an epic adventure you cannot miss!

Monster Bash
Johnny Dash's bash 'em smash 'em adventure takes him into the evil Under World of Count Chuck. The story starts when Johnny's dog Tex is kidnapped by the Count, along with hundreds of other pet dogs and cats. The friendly bed monster under Johnny's bed tells Johnny where Tex was taken, and how Johnny can use his secret closet passageway to get to the Under World himself. Count Chuck plans to turn all the pets into an army of undead monsters, so Johnny grabs his slingshot and leaps into his closet. The Count will not turn his dog Tex into a monster, not if he can stop him!

Secret Agent
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will require you infiltrate the D.V.S. secret hideout and steal the plans to the ultimate laser weapon, only known as “Red Rock Rover”. You are hereby granted a license to kill. The D.V.S. is a notorious terrorist organization and if they manage to complete the laser weapon, the fate of the world will be too horrible to contemplate. Make sure to visit our supplies chief, P, before you head out as you’ll need to disable a vast security system, bypass electric traps, and overcome a significant number of dangerous thugs such as ninjas, sharp-shooters, knife throwers, and even robotic sentries. One last thing, if you manage to eliminate the head of the D.V.S., there will be a bonus in your paycheck. This message will self-destruct in 6.5 seconds...6..5..4..3..2..1

Terminal Velocity
In the far future, armadas from surrounding systems have suddenly waged war on Earth, destroying crucial installations and major cities. Earth was quickly subjugated and brought to its knees. You are a pilot from the Ares Squadron, flying the fastest, most dangerous crafts ever made. Currently, you're in the TV-202, a fighter few can handle. Given that the previous model, the TV-101, has chalked up more dead pilots than any experimental craft in history, many consider you lucky to be alive. You're outgunned, outmanned, and strapped into a flying coffin. But just think how good "Savior of the Known Galaxy" will look on your resume.

They actually gained Linux compatibility a week ago, but we have been swamped here! This is why I continue to love I like being able to download old games, be counted as a Linux sale, and not have to configure anything.

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tuubi 20 May, 2015
Terminal Velocity was awesome back in the day. I never really got into Descent or it's sequels, but this I played quite a lot. Sadly I bet the game has not aged well.
melkemind 20 May, 2015
I used to love Terminal Velocity. I thought the graphics were so amazing. ^_^
muntdefems 20 May, 2015
I spent a summer playing (a pirated version of :S: ) Master of Magic when I was a little brat. That one does seem to have aged pretty well, so I guess I'll be picking it up (if only to redeem my old pirate self :P).
Orkultus 20 May, 2015
YESS, Terminal Velocity was so much fun!! I used to play that with a few other favorites such as, "The Hugo point and click adventure games", Kommander Keen games, Original Duke Nukem, Sim Earth, Super Off Road, Doom, and Street Rod.
Shmerl 20 May, 2015
Master of Magic is fun, but in the end doesn't allow diplomatic solutions (even if you make alliances in the beginning). It's limiting as far as long term choices go, but otherwise it's a solid game. Terminal Velocity is fun too :)
Purple Library Guy 20 May, 2015
I remember Master of Magic. It was a fun little game. The magic got pretty cool. If I remember right, the one thing that occasionally bugged me was that much of the development and the powerful magics you learned and so forth were eclipsed by the antics of the heroes you recruited, who could stomp their way across battlefields crushing everything in their way.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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