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Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest, a simple 2D RPG now available on Linux

Posted by , 29 December 2016 at 9:31 pm UTC / 4533 views
Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest [Steam, Official Site] is one I missed from early December that launched with Linux support. It looks simple, until you watch the trailer.

It didn't really sell it to me with all the walking around until I saw some of the combat. The combat actually looks quite amusing, especially with that massive god-like foot coming down that was hilarious. The interesting combat mixed in with the traveling around avoiding traps actually looks rather good. Not a massive fan of the overly simple graphical style, but it looks like the gameplay might make up for it.

About the game
Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest is an old-school parody role-playing game. Prepare to explore a vast fantasy world, complete dozens of weird and zany quests, fight dangerous foes, loot every chest that you'll stumble upon to and even talk to animals, while looking for a cucumber that your wife asked you to bring. Maybe you'll even get the opportunity to save the world. Who knows?

Game Features
- 9 playable character classes, each with it's own possibilities
- Mysterious fantasy world to explore
- Strange NPC's and lots of quests
- More than 100 unique artifacts and equipment
- Dynamic battle system
- Weird monsters and mighty bosses to fight
HexDSL commented on 3 January 2017 at 8:53 pm UTC

this game is oddly fun. the art is janky and the combat is strange but it all sort of feels like its supposed to be that way.

A Strange experience that i think people seem to like, but don't know why. There's even a free demo on steam

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