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Come see the winner of our official wallpaper competition

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The winner of our official wallpaper competition was something that instantly caught my eye, and I fell in love.

The winner is...
Great work by user Frank Drebin!

Grab the source file here.

Many thanks to everyone who entered, it was a blast seeing all your creations.

For everyone else, feel free to list yours in the comments with the license and source file for others.

I hope to run some more competitions, what would you like to see next? Since the winner opted for games, our next competition will be for a donation to a FOSS project. Article taken from
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Zelox 4 Jul, 2016

I love that one, to bad I dont know anything about digital art.
Segata Sanshiro 4 Jul, 2016
Frank DrebinThank you guys for your compliments

"I love it" ;)
Frank Drebin 4 Jul, 2016
Segata Sanshiro
Frank DrebinThank you guys for your compliments

"I love it" ;)
"I LOVE it!"
Mountain Man 4 Jul, 2016
Good choice. I know as I was perusing the entries, this was definitely the one that caught my eye.

And now it's my new desktop wallpaper.
Liam Dawe 4 Jul, 2016
It's a thing of beauty

Last edited by Liam Dawe on 4 July 2016 at 7:36 pm UTC
tripy 4 Jul, 2016
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  • Supporter
Segata SanshiroAwesome wallpaper! Good to see you're doing great things after retiring from Police Squad, Frank.

My fist movie induced LOL, the D83 Swedish sugar lips sucking machine.
That, and the chainsaw...

View video on

Lord help me, I'm going straight to hell, but I regret nothing!

By the way, congratulation Frank.
You earned it.
ElectricPrism 4 Jul, 2016
liamdaweIt's a thing of beauty

I would love for someone to make a version where the three were one where there was a heart with a penguin inside it holding a steam controller.

For anyone wanting to download my entry here's the link again - it's 4k:

You can also fav it on

Grats Frank Drebin, enjoy your loot.

Last edited by ElectricPrism on 4 July 2016 at 9:49 pm UTC
artvandelay440 4 Jul, 2016
Great work Frank!
Sunburst 4 Jul, 2016
Congratulations for the winner! To me, it wasn't really a surprise, from the beginning I knew this one had a lot of potential.

Also, thanks for this contest! It gave me the perfect reason to finally learn to use GIMP (before this one, I only used it to scale images, and nothing else). And having the source files is really a plus!

Now that there is this new article, can I contribute with some suggestions?

1) Instead of putting the rest of the wallpapers in the comments, wouldn't be better to upgrade our profiles so everyone who participated can show them there? Because this article will inevitably disappear when new ones are posted, and it would be a shame for new people to miss them.

2) It would be nice that for events like these, some small "medals" can be crafted to attach to the contestant's profile. They don't have to be complex, it can be a small 10x10 JPG, 10 Kb max, or something like that.

2b) If the previous idea is accepted, users can bet about who is going to win. If they guess, they can be rewarded a special medal.

3) An idea for a next competition: to create a new skin for this website. I personally don't have anything against this minimalistic style, but I would love to see a dark alternative, for example.

4) Another idea for a competition: to create the theme, to use in the livestreams. It can be divided in two mini-tournaments: one for when the logo appears at the intro, and the second one as a background music for all the duration of the stream.

5) There should be three places instead of one, and escalate the reward accordingly. For example, 3 game keys for the first place, two for the second, and so on.

6) Some other ideas for prizes: to be gifted a bundle of his/her choice, free month subscriptions to different services, an interview during the livestreams (if someone has a personal project, this option would give him/her a lot of exposure), to livestream (and play) games of his/her choice...
Sunburst 4 Jul, 2016
7) And a third idea for a tournament: to create and submit a video review of any Linux game of your choice.
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