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Grim Fandango Will Be Reaping Its Way Onto Linux!

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One month ago today, Sony dropped what was (for most) the most unexpected news to come out of E3. In partnership with Double Fine, the highly lauded cult classic adventure game Grim Fandango would be getting an "exclusive" re-release on PlayStation 4 and Playstation Vita.

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At the same time as the announcement, Tim Schafer (original creator of Grim Fandango and founder of Double Fine) tweeted clarification that this updated version of the game would also be launching on "other platforms" to be announced soon, quelling some of the distraught outrage at the insinuation that Grim would not be returning to its original home on PCs.

Those "other platforms" have turned out to include a Linux alongside Mac and Windows, which will all be getting a simultaneous release alongside the Sony platforms.


For anybody unfamiliar with the game, Grim Fandango is a dark, noir styled comedy, influenced heavily by Día de Muertos, telling the tale of Department of Death travel agent Manuel Calavera, who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy as he attempts to save an innocent traveler from a dangerous journey across the Land of the Dead.

This re-release signals the first signs of older LucasArts IP being given proper attention since Darrell Rodriguez (responsible for the special Editions of the first two Monkey Island games) left in 2010, and offers hope that Disney (who own the now defunct studio's intellectual property) might be willing to negotiate giving some other much loved classics the opportunity to be experienced again.


Grim Fandango is currently playable on Linux via ResidualVM (a cousin of ScummVM), which attempts to natively implement the GrimE engine (and also has a point-and-click mod available), but unfortunately, new copies of Grim Fandango can not currently be purchased.

Below is a retrospective video looking at the game's history, towards the end of which, Tim mentions that they are hoping to work with the communities which have been keeping Grim Fandango alive over the past 16 years to incorporate some of those efforts, continuing Double Fine's trend of increasing community focus, and giving recognition to a decade and a half's worth of passion, hard work and love.

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There is currently no release date set for Grim Fandango's re-release, though it does appear that work has already begun. Today's news post on the Double Fine website has this to offer:
QuoteBut hopefully, after all those years of patience, you can hold out just a BIT longer.

¡Viva la Revolución!

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Cimeryd 10 Jul, 2014
For once I can't see a backside. This is just pure great! :D
Faugn 10 Jul, 2014
I only ever played the demo, so I'm really looking forward to play the full game for the first time!
keiki 10 Jul, 2014
I'm thrilled. I played some of his games but somehow Grim Fandango didn't make it in the past. If it's a similar re-brush like Monkey Island then this will be gorgeous.
Guest 10 Jul, 2014
I brought a Magazine back in the day (98 / 99?) that was dedicated to their "top 10" games, with a full walkthrough for each one. It even included a demo CD that had each of them on it. It was one of the first gaming magazines I brought and really got me in to the scene. Grim Fandango was number 4 on this list (I think) and aside from Half-Life, my personal favorite. I brought the full game a few weeks later after running the demo several times over.

This is fantastic news :)

Also, if anyone else can remember that magazine and knows the name, I'd be grateful! I believe Tomb Raider 2/3 was on the list as well.
Pinguino 10 Jul, 2014
That's great news! I'm a fan of the genre but never played Grim Fandango because my computer wouldn't run it at the time. I'm definitely buying this.
km3k 10 Jul, 2014
Can't wait! Grim Fandango is one of my favorite games. I should replay it in ResidualVM again. It's been a few years since I played through all the way.
Mnoleg 10 Jul, 2014
Does ResidualVM work as awesome as ScummVM? I read about it time ago and was planning to recover the CDs from my parent's house, but I didn't yet.

Your high expectations won't be disappointed! Grim Fandango is Tim's best artwork... after Brütal Legend, of course.
Cheeseness 10 Jul, 2014
Quoting: RobertDoes ResidualVM work as awesome as ScummVM?

Yup, it should do! It's a little younger than ScummVM, but it's playable. IIRC, my last playthrough of the game was done using ResidualVM.
Segata Sanshiro 10 Jul, 2014
YES! This is one of the few classics I've put off playing, so looking forward to this :)

Feel bad for the ResidualVM guys though, this kind of renders their work pretty pointless since this is the only game they've got working. That leaves them Monkey Island 4 (meh) and a few others which don't use a 2d engine like Discworld Noir. Hopefully means they'll focus on those though instead of abandon work on the project.

I emailed Double Fine shortly after Disney bought up LucasFilm/LucasArts to ask what was happening with the old games considering Disney couldn't care less about them and asked whether or not they would try and buy the rights for the old LucasArts games and they said they were "working on it". The release of Grim Fandango kind of suggests they succeeded (I think?), which might mean Double Fine sequels to Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island (I hope). Just pray that they don't give any of these games the "Broken Age treatment" and butcher the genre so it appeals more to the iPad generation.
Cimeryd 10 Jul, 2014
Quoting: Robertafter Brütal Legend, of course.
Ahh, such a fantastic game ruined by such a terrible strategy playstyle. Sad to say I never finished it.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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