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Looks like another possible Kickstarter disappointment. The game Hiveswap: Act 1, by Homestuck creator Andrew Hussie, set a fundraising record back in 2012, making a whopping $2 million when it only asked for $750k. Linux support was one of the early stretch goals, which was smashed on the very first day. The game was set to release in 2014.

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Over the following years the game saw setbacks, mostly due to the team contracted to work on the 3D graphics going off to work on King's Quest instead and leaving Hussie in the lurch. So he retooled, made a strategic alliance with Viz comics, and made a 2D adventure game instead. The game released today on Humble and Steam — with no Linux support.

In response to my inquiries on Twitter, here's what they said:

Linux support is not yet available, but currently our top priority.

It remains to be seen how much delay there will be, or why Linux support wasn't provided in the first place. Given Hiveswap is a Unity title, there's unlikely to be many barriers for a Linux release. They haven't responded to give any reason for the delay.

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razing32 19 Sep, 2017
Ugh , games being delayed on Linux support is becoming as predictable as the sun rising in the morning.
I wish they would just say it will come later than the windows release rather than make empty promises.
Nezchan 19 Sep, 2017
I should add that it has now been five days since release, and they've repeated the "top priority" comment to others. However, still no answer on why there was no day one or when we can expect the port to come out.
Nezchan 19 Sep, 2017
Minor Correction: Hussie's company is "What Pumpkin Games", after a joke from one of his older webcomics.
Spud13y 19 Sep, 2017
Homestuck is still a thing? :P
Nezchan 19 Sep, 2017
Spud13yHomestuck is still a thing? :P

Well, people who were fans are still fans, even though it's been on hiatus. If there's one thing Andrew Hussie knows how to do, it's create a loyal following.
Swiftpaw 20 Sep, 2017
They took 2 million dollars, 1.25 million more than they needed, and then said "screw this shit" and ditched it (at least for us)?

Please let there be a lawsuit.

Last edited by Swiftpaw on 20 September 2017 at 12:56 am UTC
Nezchan 20 Sep, 2017
SwiftpawThey took 2 million dollars, 1.25 million more than they needed, and then said "screw this shit" and ditched it (at least for us)?

Please let there be a lawsuit.

Well, 1.25 more than they asked for, which doesn't mean it wasn't needed. From the start, Hussie was quite realistic about how much game development can cost, and considered the original target was basically a shoestring. The fact that he managed to come out with a game at all after that, and a good one from the responses I'm seeing, is the result of a lot of hard work on his part, no question.
Asu 20 Sep, 2017
it's like undertale, it will come eventually... can't wait tbh lol...
HJ 20 Sep, 2017
SwiftpawThey took 2 million dollars, 1.25 million more than they needed, and then said "screw this shit" and ditched it (at least for us)?

Please let there be a lawsuit.

Hiveswap had an unpleasant history.

Well, as far as i know, they contracted gamedev called The Odd Gentlemen, who took the money did little work and then ditched them taking the money and working on King's Quest instead. Also, game was originally planned to be in 3D (like grim fandango i think), but "technical issues" made development process slow down to a crawl, so they decided to remake it in 2D. All that delayed game by an enormous margin, fans considered hiveswap to be the new duke nukem forever or half-life ep3. And when it got released we only got like first chapter of story, not the entire thing. So it's kinda reasonable to get SOMETHING done, instead of delaying it even further with reasons that affect like 2-4% of userbase, it would get the majority mad.

I'm a backer for that game. Some t-shirts i got as rewards are already got holes in them from use and age.
Eike 20 Sep, 2017
Looks nice. I never heard of these adventures, are they good?
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