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Humble Bundle have some interesting deals going on for Linux gamers

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It seems Humble Bundle are doing some interesting deals Linux gamers might want to be aware of right now.

First up, is the Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017, which is a little like an advent calendar of sorts. If you pay $5 (about £3.71), you will get Team Fortress 2 badges and Yogscast will give you a shout out on stream.

I'm not personally bothered by that, but if you pay $35 (about £25.99) you will unlock games to download right up until December 25th! Here's what they've already revealed in the bundle that supports Linux:

  • Rust - You could then join our server!
  • Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut
  • Garry's Mod
  • Plus Dungeon of the Endless (not on Linux)

While that's not especially amazing right now (it's not bad though), with games being added every day it really could end up being worthwhile.

On top of that, the current Humble Monthly Bundle has The Long Dark and Dawn of War III which both support Linux. Plus one that isn't on Linux. For $12, that's pretty much a steal and you can cancel it any time—awesome! It does also give you access to their Humble Originals, which are usually small experimental games.

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cthulhusreign 1 Dec, 2017
Picked up that Humble Monthly! Even if you only do it for one month it is worth it for the two games.
stretch611 1 Dec, 2017
I was ready to cancel the Humble Monthly. I had bought a 6 month subscription and lets just say that it has been less than appealing for linux gamers. I was drawn in by Stellaris, I got a few good ones, but some months are horrible.

Just today I unlocked these games...
Rivals of Aether
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend
Nex Machina
The Sexy Brutale
STRAFE: Millennium Edition
Passpartout: The Starving Artist

I looked up every title on steam... Only the last one, Passpartout, supports linux.

About Passaport
QuoteExperience the life of a starving artist!
Passpartout puts you into the shoes of a French artist trying to navigate the beautifully confusing art scene. Paint and sell your own art to survive your expensive wine and baguette addiction.
Paint your own masterpieces! Even you can become the next Van Gogh!
Battle with subjectivity and try to charm a variety of self-proclaimed art connoisseurs without losing your "artistic integrity"!
Survive your wine and baguette bills. Will your addiction to baguettes be your downfall?
Unlock fancier galleries and customers!
Experience the French art world through a living puppet theater!
Includes an amazing soundtrack by our favourite groovin' dinosaurs Synkronosaurus

A quick look at reviews on steam and it they seem mixed. Lets just say this is really a niche program at best.

While I was a fan of humble monthly, I think I got lucky the first month or two... Most months are horrible for Linux gamers. That being said... Buying it a month at a time when there is a good headliner may work out.
Phlebiac 2 Dec, 2017
Quoting: stretch611Buying it a month at a time when there is a good headliner may work out.

That's what I do... I always pause the subscription if the "early unlock" games aren't on Linux / to my fancy.
MichaelDN 2 Dec, 2017
I bought it because all the money ($35+) goes to charity, if I get some good games it's a bonus. I put some money aside each week for donations and every month give to a charity, the only thing is I have to count the conversion rate from AUD to USD so I put extra in that account and after a year I had accumulated enough extra money to buy the bundle.

So far It seems humble bundle are doing much of the same, if IGN keeps their noses out of it then is should be another good year for bundles in 2018.
balint 2 Dec, 2017
These are probably the best Monthly early unlocks ever if you're on Windows (they get Quantum Break too). Wonder what the rest of the games could be, they have to be sub par, right?
RTheren 2 Dec, 2017
I've got Rust from a friend.
58 minutes in on our server, and I've looted 2 bodies and got a gun + other goodies.

14 2 Dec, 2017
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  • Supporter Plus
I was subbed to the monthly one for a few months this Summer, but I paused and eventually completely canceled after a few months of poor Linux games. I'm doing what stretch does and only buying one month at a time depending on the headliner(s).

Even though the value of this month's bundle is very, very good, I'm simply not interested in those single player games. If DoW III had a co-op campaign like the DoW II games did, then I'd buy it no question. But if it's a single player campaign... well, I'm pretty much only interested in RPG's these days.
voyager2102 3 Dec, 2017
Quoting: PhlebiacThat's what I do... I always pause the subscription if the "early unlock" games aren't on Linux / to my fancy.
I never paused... until last month when they did that crap with Elder Scrolls etc. (worst ever early unlock) - and then missed the best monthly (in my opinion) ever :( (I would have been happy if it would have only contained Shadow Tactics and nothing else ;) - what a cool game!). So this month I took the bundle even though the early unlock (again) sucked... and what should I say... there is not a single game in the bundle that interests me (even if it would come out on Linux later) - that's even worse than the usual "Damn, again nothing good for linux!". But the January early unlock is finally a ray of light! I had The long dark on my wish list and the Dawn of war type of games are my thing, too (I just didn't get to play through II due to lack of time so I didn't even look at III yet (which is why it's not on my wish list)). Quantum Break seems to also be a good game and I'll just trade that with a friend at some time for something that runs for linux... win win.
nitroflow 3 Dec, 2017
Unfortunately even those humble originals are windows only of late. This month was disappointing but I'll pick up January bundle because of dawn of war 3 alone.
burningserenity 4 Dec, 2017
I know it's not Linux native, but STRAFE on WINE is seriously fun.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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