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Let's lighten the mood a bit shall we? It's question time here on GamingOnLinux! Let's have a talk about what you've been playing recently.

I will of course go first: Dota Underlords. I have quite the sweet spot for it already, even though I'm absolutely terrible at it. This might be the game to finally get me to kick my unhealthy Rocket League obsession, which is amazing considering how radically different they are. I adore strategy games though and unlike normal Dota, I don't need to think ridiculously quickly. Since you don't need any kind of reflexes for it, sitting back and relaxing with the Steam Controller is another reason I quite like Dota Underlords. In the evenings on weekends especially, I can be quite the lazy-gamer, so anything that allows me to kick back with it is likely to get my vote.

After only being out for a few days, it's already annihilated the player record for Artifact. Artifact's all-time high was only just over 60K whereas Underlords has sailed past 190K, although that shouldn't be too surprising since Underlords is free and isn't rammed full of micro-transactions (yet?) and it helps being on mobile as well of course (According to one of the SteamDB folk, the mobile players are being counted too).

Based on what the Underlords team have said, coming "soon" will be:

  • Full Scoreboard
  • Social features: Scrolling through the map, hearing other player's fights and full chat.
  • Hero VO.
  • Balance: Dragon Alliance, Dragon Units and Items (Boots)

They also said they're exploring a "Turbo Mode" for those who find games a bit too long. I also love the sound of that very much!

What else? ISLANDERS! An instant purchase the moment Linux support became available, what a beautiful city-builder that's not really like any other. Incredible style, with fun game-play that has you trying to get your score constantly higher and it doesn't take a huge amount of attention from a tired mind.

On top of that I also played the Linux Distribution-Hopping Game 2.0, with a full switch to Manjaro. So far, so good. Everything installed smoothly, grabbing extra software is easy and KDE shines on it.

So, what have you been playing recently and what do you think about it?

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pete 22 Jun, 2019
Stellaris, Stellaris and more Stellaris :)

Last edited by pete on 22 June 2019 at 9:29 pm UTC
yokem55 22 Jun, 2019
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I've been working setting up my nas box to serve up an iscsi drive over a pair of direct connected 10gb mellonox cards so I can clear off my older games from my main machine (nvme and ssd only) and store them on the NAS for posterity. It by and large is working, but systemd's service startup ordering has me pulling my hair out getting it all to come up correctly on boot.

As for games, I've taken a break from AC Odyssey (Lutris/Wine/Uplay) and started Mad Max on native steam. So far so good...
Kohrias 22 Jun, 2019
Albion Online ;-)
That said I am trying out Dragonball FighterZ. It needed quite a dirty hack to work due to Easy Anticheat ... but now working it does :)
buckysrevenge 22 Jun, 2019
I've been playing the closed beta for RAD (which works great with Proton) and maybe some Dicey Dungeons
Raaben 22 Jun, 2019
QuoteDota Underlords. I have quite the sweet spot for it already, even though I'm absolutely terrible at it.

That sums up my weekend so far too. Even though RNGsus has been cruel and the game relies a bit too much on it for my taste, I can't believe how fast those long matches go by and how addictive it is. Though I am still looking forward to the turbo mode hinted at.
spiffyk 22 Jun, 2019
Last week I bought The Witcher 3 GOTY because it was on a massive sale. I played through the semi-native TW2 to remind myself of the story and I'm now playing TW3 through Steam Play. Works like a charm so far, apart from a few crashes that got solved by verifying the integrity of game cache - probably had some kind of a download problem somewhere.
Zelox 22 Jun, 2019
Borderlands 2. But sence underlords open beta released its been only underlord. Lack of time, and the easy way to launch and play underlord made It my most played game this week. Im also excited for the future :)
Avehicle7887 22 Jun, 2019
Delving deep in Legend of Grimrock 2, I love the exploration and the puzzles.
Lomkey 22 Jun, 2019
Been playing Dota Underlords seeing how that works. Then MMO Rift and ESO. Then some new game not safe to talk about here.
julkip 22 Jun, 2019
I have started playing CrossCode recently. I am a bit disappointed that I cannot move using the D-Pad and have to use the left analogue stick, but aside from that, it's a great game
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The comments on this article are closed.