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icon All Other Chat
Chat about anything else here
Posts: 6,364
Last Post: ./, an easy way to install commercial games on GNU/Linux
by vv221
4 days ago
icon Programming
Linux programming, game programming, whatever
Posts: 421
Last Post: I made a little FOSS game
by eldaking
2 Feb
icon Hardware
Chat about new builds, hardware problems and so on.
Posts: 2,443
Last Post: Atari VCS has arrived!
by slaapliedje
about 14 hours ago
icon Native Linux Gaming
Chat about gaming on Linux natively
Posts: 5,908
Last Post: Getting Metro Exodus to run on Linux Mint 19
by Rooster
about 13 hours ago
icon Steam Play & Wine Gaming
Chat about gaming using Wine and Steam Play Proton
Posts: 5,419
Last Post: Hired Ops (online f2p fps)
by Xpander
3 days ago
icon Retro Gaming & Emulation
Chat about retro gaming, including emulators
Posts: 264
Last Post: DIABLO on Linux
by legluondunet
6 Apr
icon Tech Help
Can't get a game running? Post it up in here.
Posts: 2,017
Last Post: Steam Doesn't Recognize My Rudder Pedals
by effin-d
12 Apr
icon Tournaments
Chat about and arrange gaming tournaments and competitions here
Posts: 1,284
Last Post: DiRT Rally 2.0 - GOL Event - H3 Season 1
by The_Aquabat
17 Jul, 2020
icon Benchmarks & Performance
Here you can chat about Linux game Benchmarks & Performance. In partnership with OpenGameBenchmarks
Posts: 791
Last Post: GeForce GTX 1660 Ti on Manjaro KDE
by Laboratoryo_ni_Neil
5 Apr
icon GOL Gaming Server Chat
A forum to chat about our game servers
Posts: 229
Last Post: New public 7 days to die server
by Liam Dawe
8 Feb
icon Game Streaming
Stadia, Steam Remote Play and more
Posts: 127
Last Post: Cyberpunk - Ubntu 20.10 - Steam.
by Xpander
30 Dec, 2020
icon Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
A place for all XR topics for Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
Posts: 39
Last Post: OpenHMD Oculus Rift CV1/DK2 with positional tracking
by midget_3111
27 Jan
icon Website Updates And Info
Here we will post notes about changes to the website
Posts: 1,944
Last Post: New "Meta" tag for articles
by WorMzy
7 Apr
icon Website Bugs & Suggestions
Please keep all website issues and suggestions here.
Posts: 1,084
Last Post: Markdown URLs consume all close parentheses [FIXED]
by WorMzy
about 9 hours ago
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