Finally found a job !
MaximB Dec 19, 2010
Hello !

As you might know the company I worked at for 3.5 years got bankrupt about 2 months ago due to lack of funds (NOT because of me ;) ).
After 2 months of searching (and denying 1 offer) I've finally found an outsource job at a major company.
I was looking for a Linux job and I was hired for one, but what they didn't tell me is that this major company has only 4 Linux servers overall and they are ancient (kernel 2.2) and going to be offline soon.
And my actual job was to support....yep you guessed it - Windows Users and network.
And they basically paying me pennies for it.

As it's an outsource job I had no opportunity to visit my workplace before I've signed the contract.
I can off course "break it" but unfortunately I have no other job offer.

So I'm a little-bit screwed, but at least I got a job.

The interview should have given me the idea about my "Linux job" :
Q : what Linux text editors you know ?
A : Gedit, Vim...
Q: How do you quit from Vim ?
A: Ctrl+Q
Q: Does it save your work ?
A: No.
Q: How do you save your work at Vim ?
A: Ctrl+W
Q: Perfect - you are hired !
A: Mmm....ok....

So I'll have less time to update LGN and search for news.
Hamish Dec 19, 2010
Glad you got a job, but yeah, if I was you I would try and keep my options open, and keep looking for something better. If they were that misleading about what your job entailed I would not trust them very much. *shrugs*
MaximB Dec 19, 2010
Yeah, but still it's a Billion Dollar company (Not Microsoft) and I got a lot of options available once I've settled and got XP.

But damn...those stupid Windows questions...
Hamish Dec 19, 2010
Quoting: "MaximB, post: 973"But damn...those stupid Windows questions...

I hear you... ;)

I should really brush up on my VIM knowledge myself though, currently for editing I mostly just use gedit and nano... both good editors, but it does not give you the proper street cred, you know? :p
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