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Do you want to collaborate on writing an article for GOL?
flesk commented on 25 September 2015 at 8:16 am UTC

A while back (probably about a year) I started thinking about writing sort of a "discovery article" for GOL, and I've made a few attempts, but never managed to actually complete one. Firstly, I takes a ton of time to write something like that solo, and secondly, I haven't played nearly enough games from any genre to feel qualified to make a good pick of "undiscovered" games.

So, here's how I think this might work:

1) We find a genre we both like and have a few favorites from that haven't been written about (much) on any major video game websites.
2) We plan things out by pm on this site and/or IRC.
3) We write up a draft using the GOL wiki, Google Docs or something similar.
4) We put together an article using a format that's mostly consistent between issues.

This is pretty much how we do things for the The Funding Crowd articles, and it's a great way to collaborate.

My favorite genres, and the ones I feel most qualified to write about, are point-and-click adventure games, various kinds of platformers (puzzle/exploration/precision/...), puzzle games (traditional/first-person/...) and maybe some types of RPGs. You don't necessarily have to collaborate with me though, as I thought this topic could serve as a general "call for collaboration" between aspiring writers.

There's no firm deadline or anything on this, so if you're tempted but your time is limited, that's OK, as we can take all the time we need to put something together.

Here's a few examples:

- 7 Puzzle Platformers For Linux You Probably Haven't Played
- Five Fantastic Linux Games With A Female Protagonist
- The Two Adequate Linux Racing Games You Didn't Know About

As mentioned though, feel free to ask for a writing partner for anything else you might want to write about. Just remember that all user submitted articles are subject to the same scrutiny from the editors, so feel free to ask for feedback before you submit something for consideration.

flesk commented on 10 December 2015 at 10:09 pm UTC

Guys, please stop sending me PMs nonstop about ideas you want to collaborate on! I can only handle so much. Heh, no.

The reason I'm posting though, is that I thought of another idea that I wanted to hear if anyone thought was interesting: A series of articles where we highlight possibly good Linux alternatives to popular games which aren't on Linux, like:

"X isn't on Linux, but have you tried Y?" or something like that.

So, an obvious example might be:

"Diablo III isn't on Linux, but have you tried Torchlight II?"

or maybe

"Spelunky isn't on Linux, but have you tried Rogue Legacy/Vagante" (I'm not into the genre, so I don't know)

These are probably going to be fairly obvious examples to most Linux users, but maybe it could serve as a way to convince that friend of yours who doesn't want to give up Windows because their favorite game is there.

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