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Gaming headset/mic for Linux
gaardon 16 May, 2016
Anyone has a suggestion on a good gaming headset with a mic. in about 150$ price range?
m2mg2 4 years 17 May, 2016
I use a logitech H800. Not really obsessive about super high quality audio. I like it because it is wireless and has a built in mic. Only ran me around 60 -70. I really like that it has volume control on the headset, works great in Linux.
damarrin 17 May, 2016
I use the Sony Wireless Headset 7.1 (not the 2.0 version, the previous one). It runs fine, but only in stereo.
Soul_Est 19 May, 2016
A $100 pair of headphones and an AntLion ModMic 4.0 (
gaardon 26 May, 2016
Quoting: Soul_EstA $100 pair of headphones and an AntLion ModMic 4.0 (

I ended up getting this i already got a headset but broke my mic and did not know you could get a solution like this. i did not want a standing mic either. Thanks for all the help guys :)
Silas Mortimer 27 May, 2016
I bought the following and was really happy with them:

Unfortunately, they died within a year. They offered to replace them if I sent them back, but I decided not to bother. Still, as you can see, you can get them for $40 USD. I don't know if somehow I broke them myself, but if they last for you, the audio is really nice and the microphone works well. These are just connectors to whatever sound device you already use - the USB is just to power the amplifier.

I replaced them with these:

Holy crap, I love these things. Again $40 USD, these are actually a USB sound device with great headphone speakers and a fantastic mic. I'm really surprised at how good these are for the price. In particular, they have this neat little feature where they'll rumble/vibrate a bit when there's bass, making it really feel like you have a sub-woofer on them, though you really don't. (You can turn this off via a button if you prefer, though I find it seriously badass.) The low end frequency is pretty strong and picks up very low frequencies, though, while mids and highs are not unsubstantial. Ignore the thing about 7.1 positional audio, though. It's "virtual 7.1", done via software. This is something you can sort of do in Linux, but it's kind of complicated, so if you're interested, you can look it up on your own. It can work with any good pair of headphones, I think, too. As good as this headset is, while I have no issues whatsoever with the sound device that's on it, I would love if they made it without the sound device, as well, with just an amplifier and the sub-woofer style rumbling.
Xpander 28 May, 2016
Gamingheadsets aren't really great imo, they all sound pretty bad + you pay way too much for the soundquality you are getting from them.

i'd suggest to buy mic and headphones separately

for example:

Superlux HD681 Evo is really cheap and sound quality is on par with 100-150€ headphones

and for microphone, superlux as well

USB one if you dont have XLR on soundcard:
pete910 1 Jun, 2016
No clue what price they are in the US but I use the corsair vengeance 2100 wireless set.

Work well out of the box. Had them well over a year with zero problems. The sound out of them is fairly decent too compared to some I've tried/had

Got my lad some corsair CG2100, they are also just as good also a tad lighter
WonderingDane 9 Jun, 2016
Quoting: XpanderGamingheadsets aren't really great imo, they all sound pretty bad + you pay way too much for the soundquality you are getting from them.

i'd suggest to buy mic and headphones separately

While I agree with you, I found it bothersome to have two pieces of equipment, instead of just a two-in-one solution.
Unless it's for production, I think it's better to buy a headset from fx Sennheiser.
fnordianslip 19 Jun, 2016
I recently ordered a "Turtle Beach Stealth 450 Wireless Gaming Headset - DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound - PC", which arrived a couple of days ago. I paid just shy of £90 (circa US$129). The other headsets I had been considering were getting on for 3 times that price.

For the price, I think they are very good. Some reviewers complain about comfort and I have to say that they are not perfect in that regard, but not bad at all. I started wearing reading glasses about 6 months ago and headsets that I had previously considered to be adequately comfortable became quite painful with glasses on. This TB set is better than those and allows the cups to be individually rotated in what I'll describe as the yaw plane and that feature can be used to mitigate pinching of the ear between the arms of the glasses and the cups to a reasonable degree.

Sonically, they sound great. Rage against the Machine, the Pixies, the Beastie Boys, Jamie T, African Head Charge, William Orbit, the Dead Can Dance; they all sound great on these cans. At least as good if not better than my Sennheisser MM-450 blue-tooth cans and without the high latency incurred by the A2DP protocol.

If I feed them a surround sound mix from a movie in VLC, then pavucontrol shows the surround sound channels in the application and the surround mix sounds fairly convincing in the headset. Nothing like the home theatre system, but not bad for cans. Good sync with the video too!

I haven't really used the mic for anything yet, but there's a useful side-tone facility with a dedicated volume control so you can get your levels right, a mic-mute and voice announcements. The mic does pick up pops and breath noises a bit, but can be repositioned to minimise those effects but a sock/baffle thing might help.

Wireless range is good. I have a 10m USB repeater cable that allows me to place a USB device in the middle of the house. Previously, I had a bluetooth dongle installed there, but I swapped that for the wireless adapter for these cans and get full coverage of my house, which is not very big, but has brick walls and wooden floors. Wireless link range and quality is better than the blue-tooth. With blue-tooth, I would lose the link when sat on the shitter, which was thoroughly annoying. These work perfectly under identical conditions and I can now crap contentedly.

If there is a drawback with these things, I haven't found it yet. I also plan on trying them out with all the ham radio gear I have hooked up to this machine.

Hope this helps.
Krootox1986 19 Jun, 2016
If you're in the UK, the Logitech H800 is in CEX for under £20 I bought it and I like the fact I can connect it to my phone too
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