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The Witcher 2: current performance?
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chuzzle44 Aug 25, 2016
So The Witcher 2 is on sale on Steam and I was wondering what performance is like right now. I know it was patched, but I'm wary of bad ports after being burned.
Also, is it a problem that I haven't played the first game?
mcphail Aug 25, 2016
I played right through it about a year ago on a low-end machine (AMD 6400 APU and nVidia 650) and it was very playable at 720p. I wouldn't have been able to tolerate 1080p on that machine, though. Great game. I played it before playing the original. There are a few references you will miss, but nothing too important.

You can often pick it up for free or a few pennies in sales, particularly on GoG. Not much to lose for a lot of gameplay.
tuubi Aug 25, 2016
It was pretty smooth at 1080p on my old gtx 760 and a sandy bridge i7. It crashed maybe twice during my playthough, but otherwise it was fine.

I never played more than a couple of hours of the first Witcher and still loved TW2. I'd say it's very much worth it if you've got relatively decent hardware.
Ehvis Aug 25, 2016
When I still had my GTX 650 Ti Boost, framerates were decent but not great and sometimes dropped into the 20-30 fps range (1080p). Now I have a GTX 970 and I can max all settings (except the uber thing) and still get 85+ fps. It feels like a disproportional increase, so maybe it's helped by certain features from the post 600 series.
chuzzle44 Aug 25, 2016
Interesting. I can't wait to see how well my GTX 950 holds up. If that can't give me the performance I'm looking for, it may be an excuse to upgrade to a 1060. Thanks for the replies.
Shmerl Aug 26, 2016
I think it's comparable to Wine (Nvidia hardware). I didn't test it on recent AMD cards.
nckpau Aug 26, 2016
60 FPS with an I7 Haswell and a 780Ti. Bit of stuttering here and there but nonetheless very enjoyable. Amazing game by the way.
Grifter Aug 28, 2016
Very good performance with even a first gen i5 (750) and a 980, all graphics settings maxed except for ubersampling which is disabled, at 1080p. Some thins that I had issues with: I tend to make a lot of saves, but as the saves built up the game started getting slower and choppier, once I realized this and cleared out all but like 10 saves it was back to being smooth again. Occasional crash, but very rare. Turn on subtitles, voiceovers are sometimes missing during the interlude cutscenes. Play on at least hard mode, anything else will make it seem cakewalkish and will ruin some of the enjoyment.
tuubi Aug 28, 2016
Quoting: GrifterPlay on at least hard mode, anything else will make it seem cakewalkish and will ruin some of the enjoyment.
I enjoyed it plenty on normal difficulty. I enjoy the adventure, exploration and story aspects of these games. The action is secondary.
Shmerl Aug 28, 2016
I agree about hard more - choose that from the start. Same applies to the first Witcher game.
Nasra Aug 29, 2016
Very good performances here (40-80 fps) with an AMD FX 8350, GTX970 and 8Go ram on a SSD and ElementaryOS Freya, all on ultra settings.

Juste two things :
- i've disabled bloom (don't like this effect).
- and the ubersampling (10-12 fps max with enabled).
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