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[FIXED] RSS feed fails to validate
DrMcCoy 1 October 2016 at 5:23 pm UTC

The RSS feed currently fails to validate. And since most XML parsers won't evaluate a malformed document, by design, many RSS readers (mine included, Tiny Tiny RSS) will not display the contents and instead show an error.

xmllint, a command line tool using libxml, says this:

article_rss.php:59: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: description line 15 and script
Node(decodeURIComponent(e)),c)}p.removeChild(t)}}catch(u){}}()/* ]]> */</script>
article_rss.php:59: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: item line 11 and td
,c)}p.removeChild(t)}}catch(u){}}()/* ]]> */</script>@Z needed by</td
article_rss.php:60: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: channel line 3 and tr
article_rss.php:94: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: rss line 2 and table
</table><br /><br />Content from <a href="">GamingO
article_rss.php:94: parser error : Extra content at the end of the document
</table><br /><br />Content from <a href="">GamingO

Liam Dawe 1 October 2016 at 6:25 pm UTC

Fixed, god damn cloudflare injected code to obscure what it thought was email addresses. I've turned that "feature" off.

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