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What are you working on?
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Cedron Jan 25
I'd like to remind everybody (engine builders in particular) of this post:

Light and mass acceleration equations in strong gravity gradients

I will be returning to writing Web Camera software soon. Maybe I'll spawn some games from it. Just posted to throw some encouragement at the OP, that's best way to learn a new platform.

(Falls under "It is a lot more satisfying to figure stuff out for yourself, rather than follow somebody else's answer.")

'Coding' is next level 'gaming', isn't it? Particularly in perfecting editing skills. Zap that line!
Lachu Mar 9
I am working on several projects. My working culture is like this: I am start some project. When I am stub, I move to another project and when I am stub again, I select one of my old project or create new. That works (sometimes). Sometimes I got lighting, when I got back to old project and everything will go fine.

I am working on Freeciv, Progress and Knights and Zombies. All of those games are available on Linux.
I also creates some libraries, such like libgreattao or cli2gui.
Cli2GUI is interesting, because it works like console subsystem of Windows. On Windows, programs belongs to subsystem and system will spawn console if needed and program belongs to console subsystem. My library contains custom entry point/main procedure. When dynamic linker loads it, it call my procedure. It checks if program has access to console. If not, It will spawn console. There is no program rerun or something like that - I use terminal emulator and special server program, which I ran on terminal and it works as proxy.
Because nobody was interested in Cli2GUI, I created WXConsoleSpawner, which uses Libgreattao. In opposite to cli2gui, it works most times. Most, because it guess app type based on behavior (program is reading from virtual pty? Program communicates with Wayland/X?). That not always worked(program could fork for example). It have one advantage compared to cli2gui - it does not need to link program with this project to work. I try address to these issues by using bpf/perf. And - guess! I have green light from KDE Devs to integrate WXConsoleSpawner with KIO!
I am working also on another, great, projects, but did not remember or do not have time to describe.
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