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Your Linux BattleStations
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v3ntox Feb 24, 2021

The machine + retro stuffs
Pangaea Jan 30, 2022
This thread may fit, as opposed a whole new thread for small news.

With hardware prices still well into the stratosphere (or worse), I can't afford a full upgrade. However, after years of looking at this chassis, and looking at my now 21-year old chassis... I figured it was time to fork out. Purchased a Phanteks P600S. Specifically wanted the version with proper doors on both sides (not the 'window' types), because those have sound dampening on both sides. Set it up a week or so ago, and I'm very pleased so far. Finally have inputs on the front of the chassis!! Hahaha :D

It comes with 3x140mm fans, and has room for four more. But I'm satisfied with what there is. Can have a water cooler system as well, but don't think I'll ever dare that. Cable management on this chassis is a dream, and it looked so neat and nice. May also be the first time I started up a rig after upgrades, without a single error beep or suchlike. Oftentimes a HDD connector is dodgy or something else. But now everything worked, which was nice. so easy to get to everything, so I look forward to the day (in the distant future perhaps) when I can upgrade the hardware too.

Am amazed this chassis hasn't gotten more cover, but perhaps it's hard to break through the domination of Fractal and a few others. Great chassis in any case, and everything oozes of build quality :)
Avehicle7887 Jan 30, 2022
Last week I saved this Dell Inspiron Mini 910 from becoming e-waste. It's quite old - released around 2008. For many people it's obsolete.

Specs: Intel Atom N270 (no 64bit support), 1GB DDR2 Ram, 16GB mSata SSD (faulty), Intel GMA 950 (supports up to OpenGL 1.4)

I don't plan to spend much money on it, at most will upgrade the ram to 2GB and buy a new SSD. For the moment I installed the OS on a pendrive.

It can't run Crysis, but it can run Quake 2

Last edited by Avehicle7887 on 30 January 2022 at 9:42 pm UTC
Pengling Feb 21, 2022

This one's probably a bit too dinky to be called a "battlestation", but here it is anyway. :P It's a GPD Win Max 2021, which, when closed, is the size of an A5 notebook.
Xpander May 28, 2022
Update :D (thanks Liam for making me remember this post)
AngryAnt May 28, 2022

Source specs:

Processor: 12 threads of a Ryzen 3700X (3.7 GHz)
Memory: 16 GB static allocation
Video Card: RX590 pass-through
Sound Card: RX590 pass-through
Operating System: NixOS on Proxmox host
Kernel: Xanmod
Filesystem: xfs on host zfs, fully buffered
Desktop Environment: Plasma
Session: x11
- Pam memlock limits removed
- Ananicy + priority for Steam
- Corectrl
- Gamemode
- Steam
- Heroic

Client specs:

Processor: Pentium Gold 4425Y (2x2 @ 1.7 GHz)
Memory: 4 GB shared
Video Card: UHD Graphics 615
Sound Card: Onboard
Operating System: NixOS
Kernel: LTS
Filesystem: xfs
Desktop Environment: Gnome
Session: Wayland
- PS3
- Steam Controller
- Touch
- Bluetooth mouse + keyboard

Last edited by AngryAnt on 28 May 2022 at 4:32 pm UTC
Pengling Jun 2, 2022
Updated photos, with all of the relevant hardware this time.

GPD Win Max 2021 (Xubuntu; SuperTux)
GPD MicroPC (Xubuntu; Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy)
Anbernic RG351MP (351ELEC; Tanglewood)

Entroware Orion i5 (Xubuntu; Jazz Jackrabbit CD, via's Jazz Jackrabbit Collection)

Last edited by Pengling on 2 June 2022 at 12:15 pm UTC
jimmt Jun 3, 2022
My battle station is a Laptop too. Dell 75755 with a Geforce 1060 running Fedora 36.

My whole office / music / gameroom setup.
beko Nov 13, 2023


My interests are… particular 🤓
Pengling Nov 13, 2023
This was taken for a review that I submitted recently, but I may as well post it here for posterity, too;

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