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Any good Match3 games ? Can't find any
Tchey 20 May, 2017


I wonder if you know any good Match3 games for Linux.

By good, i mean something like "Oafmatch" or "Marvel Puzzle Quest".

I didn't find anything more than basic Match3 games on Linux.

Any hints ?

tuubi 20 May, 2017

Huniepop? ;)

Tchey 21 May, 2017


I saw them, i don't feel i like to play them, based on video and comments.

There are still so niches Linux games didn't colonize yet.

UltraAltesBrot 22 May, 2017

Tidalis could also be worth checking out.

Tchey 23 May, 2017

I played Tidalis long ago, it was "good but"...

Bloodgate might do, thanks, i will look closer at it.

Tchey 23 May, 2017


It seems abandoned. No news since 2016, no answer from Twitter nor email. Support forum is not supported neither. One more failed Early Access ?

Tchey 23 Apr, 2019

I've found one : Farm Life, from the guy behind Ebony Spire, and the Linux First Initiative.
I like it also because it's "turn based", there is not clock ticking to make you move fast.

also it has an article on GoL :

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