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Manjaro & Nvidia-beta
rapakiv commented on 30 June 2017 at 8:29 pm UTC

Hello any good soul that can point me in right direction

After many years jumping between Debian related distros recently decided to give Arch a try, in the softer flavor Manjaro, tryed Antergos but couldn't install, for 3 tries gave me instalation error.

I've been trying to update Nvidia driver from AUR installing the Nvidia beta package but always get the same error, ou maybe my lack of knowledge.

Every time I try to install I get the same thing:

I know that installed with manjaro LTS header but even selecting any of the options have the same result,

Couldn't satisfy dependencies nvidia-bet requires libgl

Don't need much of a help, just point me in right direction.


saildata commented on 1 July 2017 at 4:08 am UTC

I've never really tried any of the Arch-based distros and have run Arch (proper?) for a while now, including my daily driver at work..

I assume you've dug through the Arch Wiki without much luck. I'm still on 381.22, but I have run the beta drivers in the past and know when you're talking about... the mainline driver uses libglvnd but the beta still uses nvidia-libgl.

Looks like you can probably get the dependency issues to clear if you put these in to install at the same time:

nvidia-beta nvidia-libgl-beta lib32-libgl-beta nvidia-utils-beta lib32-nvidia-utils-beta opencl-nvidia-beta lib32-opencl-nvidia-beta

I think I got them all in there.. sorry if I missed one! It should let you know (I would recommend pacaur for AUR installs).

Finally, if you aren't already using DuckDuckGo I'd recommend it for anyone who uses the Arch Wiki a lot for reference. From the search bar: search the Arch Wiki with !arch (search term) or AUR with !aur (package search)

Good luck --

lucinos commented on 1 July 2017 at 8:48 am UTC

On Manjaro this kind of things are generally done with mhwd tool. So it is different from Arch

Search on Manjaro wiki and manjaro forum and ask on Manjaro forum.

Edit: from searching a little it seems manjaro does not support beta drivers. So if you _really_ want to play with beta drivers, manjaro is probably not the best idea.

saildata commented on 1 July 2017 at 4:16 pm UTC

That's cool, I didn't realize that they were that different - you see people from Antergos asking for help all the time and people jump all over them (in the Arch forums, or AUR..) for asking for help on a derivative distro.. idk some angry dudes out there for sure.

@rapakiv Why not just build yourself a proper Arch build? It's not that hard to set up, just take your time. Then you'll have a rock solid base that will last you for years, and that you'll know how all the pieces fit together better than anything installed with a GUI.

Like I mentioned above - when it comes to what I use at work (which is 100% Linux, but I had the option to choose my distro because I have to support it myself lol) I didn't give a second thought to vanilla Arch with the Gnome shell. It's got a 6700K/GTX-1070/all Nvme storage (desktop) and flies on that setup.. I really wish I could put Steam on it

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